How to Make People Love Your Business

It goes without saying that a happy business is happy because its customers love it. Without customers nobody would ever make money and nobody would ever be happy, so it’s of the outmost important that you not only keep your customers happy, but that you make them love your business as well. People who love your business will be loyal to it, and they’ll keep coming back which, in turn, will offer you happiness.

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The more you can make each customer feel special and appreciated, by telling them everything, asking their opinions and actually learning about them, the more people will love you and tell their friends to love you. As Walt Disney said, "Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

1. Have Awesome Customer Service

Your customer service should be brilliant from the moment a client walks in the door to months after they’ve walked out: you should respond to all complaints and comments in a timely manner, be especially helpful to loyal customers and only ask them to complete surveys if you actually intend to act on their feedback. (The reasonable feedback, at least.) It’s believed that for every 1 person who complains, there are 26 others keeping quiet; act on that 1 person, get a great testimonial from them about what you changed and how you helped them, and you’ll make another 26 people feel satisfied.

Customers who feel like they’re being treated well by employees who are ready to go the extra mile to help resolve their problems, are customers who will appreciate the assistance and come again. Conversely, customers who are passed around from one worker to the next, who are promised a phone call in two days which then turns to three, four or five days, are more likely to leave. And you definitely don’t want customers to leave. You want them to feel like you’re respecting their situation and patiently helping them out - which will benefit you in the long run when they feel more inclined to stick with you and even if they’ll need to pay higher prices if it means better service.

Make sure the staff in your store is friendly, helpful, and always ready to make every customer feel special. Make sure that the people handling your social media are searching for comments and responding to messages by referring to people by name and talking to them in a friendly, human manner that doesn’t make them sound like a press release robot. Offer more than a product or service: offer an experience.

2. Look Your Best

Every time a customer or potential customer sees your store, one of your employees, one of your cards or cars, that’s an interaction. If their first interaction with your brand is spotting one of the company vehicles being badly driven, then that’s already a bad start. Make sure that everything is the very best it can be and that every interaction a client has with your brand is a positive one - and if an interaction goes bad, then have the customer service personnel make it right.

And though you might think it’s trivial, looking your best can literally refer to your employees who should be dressed and groomed in such a manner that reflects the image you want your brand to have. However, looking your best can also refer to your website. A well designed, easy to use website will draw people in. It’s important that your website foresees any question your clients might have and provides them with an easily accessible answer for that. It’s also important that they can contact you through your website in an easy manner. A strong corporate image, a branded colour scheme and good visuals are all elements that will make your website work for you.

But, people don’t just respond to visuals, they respond to things that stir up emotions. It might be a touching ad or a blog post that creates a personal connection, or the realization that you not only care, but you’ve taken the time to learn their name and how they like their coffee. These personal touches - and your own content and effort - can go much further to attract customers than a thousand detached ads.

3. Give Them a Reason to Stay

Your work isn’t finished once people know your business, or even after you’ve gotten them to fall in love with you. As well as ongoing support in the form of your great customer service you need to reward them for their loyalty. A loyal customer who keeps coming back is ten times more valuable than any single purchase a one-timer makes.

How can you do this? By making them feel like insiders. The more they feel like they’re the first to know about a new sale, product or promotion, the more they’re going to feel special and love being a part of your world. Engage in multi-channel promotions, sneak peeks, giveaways and "just for you!" contests and don’t underestimate the value of a database with everyone’s information so you can give them personalized "gifts" like special birthday discounts.

By building trust and going above and beyond their expectations, you do so much more than just provide a product or service; you create a new relationship and begin a new friendship that should be able to withstand any number of new companies that threaten to steal your customers away. Communicate methodically, succinctly and clearly, whether you’re celebrating a victory or admitting to a misstep, and your customers will appreciate your honesty and feel that their opinions and feedback are valued.

4. The Customer Is Always Right

Love Happens

They are. It doesn’t matter what it is that the client wants. It’s your job to deliver, whether they need support, or whether they believe you under-deliver or they simply want to know more about you, you should cater to those needs. In fact, it would be better if you could anticipate their needs, by doing so you would impress them. And everyone knows that a client impressed is a client forever.

It takes twelve positive experiences to make up for one bad one, so if your client has had a bad experience with your brand, you had better be prepared to make it right. Would a sale or promotion help? Would responding to feedback and proving that you aren’t afraid to listen and make changes make them feel that you’re prepared to act like they own you? Because they do. It might be annoying, but they’re still not wrong: without them, you’re nothing.

Make your website clear and simple, offer order tracking and confirmation emails with estimated delivery dates so customers don’t feel like you’ve taken their money and left them waiting and hoping that their purchase will appear. Make it easy for them to call with a query or an issue with a purchase reference number and an extension that takes them straight through to sales support. If you’re considering making a change, ask for their opinion on what to do, make sure the options are the things you will really do: allow them to make real choices and they’ll feel like a bigger part of the business.

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Finding a way to make people love you is not a great mystery; you simply have to offer a great product or service and back it up with a great website and customer service. At the end of the day, all a customer really wants is to feel satisfied that they’ve got what they want and that getting it wasn’t painful - and the less painful you can make it, the more likely they will be to love you.

What do you do to make you customers love you? What are some of the things businesses do that make you love them? Let us know in the comments section below.