How to Make the Most of a Lunch Hour

After a busy morning, lunch hour – the God-sent hour – is finally here. While some workers can’t wait to fill their stomachs and wait to get back to work, others are busy finding creative ways to make the most of this hour. Where do you belong?

Well, what you do during lunch break can significantly contribute to your professional development. Besides having a healthy lunch, you could engage in various activities that can transform your career, personality and lifestyle.

Music Satisfies

Music is food for the soul. It has a soothing effect that can drown your worries. During lunch hour, you can turn on your iPod or other music device, plug in the headphones and play your favorite jam. Allow yourself to drift away as the songs hum into your ears. After the break, you will not only feel relaxed, but also gain the energy to focus on the day’s remaining tasks.

Calm Your Nerves

If you take yoga, your certainly know meditation has a calming effect. Many successful people often give their accounts on how lunch-hour yoga classes helped them have productive afternoons. You can spend about 10 minutes of your lunch break to meditate at a quiet place in the office or go to the yoga studio down the street.

Eat Healthy

Food refuels your body. After working through the morning, you will certainly need to take something to keep you going. This doesn’t, however, mean you should eat anything that comes your way. Eat healthy foods. If possible, develop a program that guides your lunch-hour eating habits. While eating, don’t engage in any other activity. Sure, you may be tempted to send an email, but healthy eating requires you concentrate on your meal.

Clear That Bill

If you have personal errands to run, such as settling a utility bill or dropping mail at the post office, lunch-hour could be the best time to do it. If the post office is within reach, it is healthier to walk than drive.

Make Friends

How about using lunch hour to network with the guys in IT, HR or finance? You could invite that newly hired data analyst for lunch and share some career tips. The point is, lunch hour is an ideal time to squeeze some minutes out of your busy schedule and make connections with other professionals.

Work, but Change Scenery

Sometimes we just can’t help but work during lunch hour. You could be compiling an important departmental report or working on signing up a valuable client. In such circumstances, it is okay to keep working, but be sure to change workplace settings. You could move into the conference room or go to a nearby park and complete your work. Importantly though, you should not let working during lunch hour develop into a habit.

Read a Book

Reading during the lunch break is only recommended when you have not had a busy morning. Even then, you should not read technical documents. You can read an inspirational book or go through the day’s newspapers and find out what your favorite columnists are up to.

Lunch-hour involves much more than having some food. Use it effectively and you will experience positive changes in your life.