How to Make the Most of Blended Learning

blended learning

At some point in your career you will have to retrain in order to stay on top of your game. You will have several choices or continuing your education, including online, in a traditional classroom, or a combination of both. Blended learning combines online courses and traditional brick and mortar schooling to help students get a grasp on material using two different types of educational medium. This type of training provides students with a more convenient, manageable school schedule while still allowing for a more personal face-to-face experience.

Be Prepared to Commit

Unlike those attending exclusively online courses, individuals going the blended learning route must schedule physical and e-learning classes. This means for those working a full time job, you must make time to physically attend class in order to fulfill participation requirements. In addition, you must self-schedule each week to allocate the proper amount of time to participate in your e-courses. Making the time commitment to blended learning can be difficult at first, but once you understand the exact time required, you should be able to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Familiarize Yourself with Technical Requirements

In a blended learning environment, each student must understand how the virtual classroom works and how to navigate it. Before your online classes begin, be sure to log on to your student portal to see how the virtual classroom is set up. If you have questions regarding how to participate in discussions or how to submit assignments, now is the time to contact tech support and your instructor for more information.

Take Full Advantage of Class Time

In blended learning, usually one day a week is dedicated to brick and mortar class time and these classes are considered extremely potent learning experiences. During class, you will have a chance to interact with other students and ask the instructor questions regarding the e-learning and classroom material. Make sure you have any questions or discussion points written down and ready for class discussion beforehand. This will help your blended learning experience come full circle, allowing you to fully engage and get the most out of each class.

Mind Your Resources

One of the best advantages of blended learning is the wide array of class resources. For the online portion of your class, you will be provided with an abundance of resource materials you can use to gather vital data for discussions and assignments. In physical class, your instructor will also provide you with valuable, tangible resources that will help you better interact with the learning material. Be sure to take advantage of both classroom and online learning materials, otherwise you may find yourself falling behind quickly.

Blended learning can be an extremely beneficial experience and help you become a more versatile learner. Remember when you feel overwhelmed that each class you take will open new doors of opportunity within your career and help you improve your efficiency and work performance. When it comes to continuing your education, don’t become complacent as a result of bad time management. Choose the educational setting that best fits your schedule and lifestyle.




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