How to Make the Most of Social Media Images

To take your business to another level, you might already recognize the importance of using social media to increase brand awareness and promote your product or services. But you may not realize how using images in social media can be a very effective tool.

Images grab attention, and when you’re trying to reach a larger audience and engage customers, pictures, slideshows, infographics and charts can do the trick. Here are ways to make the most of social media images.

1. Make sure each post has an image

Creating a blog for your website is an effective way to increase traffic and ultimately increase revenue. And if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can share links to your blog posts on these platforms. But don’t just rely entirely on content. Content is king, but a good image can enhance each blog post and grab a reader’s attention. If they see an interesting image attached to a status update, they might click the link and read what you have to say.

2. Improve the quality of your photos

When using images to help your social media campaign, quality is important. If your images are sloppy or unprofessional, people may gloss over them and not read your updates. On the other hand, if you spend time creating photos that tell a story, or if you use quality stock photography, this can grab attention. Besides, good images help stimulate conversation. People may comment on your images or share pictures with others.

3. Use image captions

If you take an ordinary picture, you can enhance your social media results with a funny caption. Many people use social media for business purposes, but others use it for entertainment. And if your image captions are funny, clever or witty, your photo is more likely to be shared.

4. Use hashtags to reach the right audience

Don’t forget to include hashtags with your images. You can use these whether you’re uploading images to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Hashtags are simply a way for people to search for posts on a particular topic. For example, if you run a janitorial company and you share a post about eco-friendly office cleaning, you might include a picture of a clean office with the hashtags: #ecofriendlyoffice, #greenjanitorial or #greenofficecleaning. Anyone searching for these hashtags may stumble upon your social media page and connect with your business.

5. Create an Instagram account and link it with your Facebook account

Instagram isn’t only for entertainment, many businesses have started Instagram accounts and attach these to their Facebook accounts. As a result, any images they post on Instagram also appear on Facebook, and vice versa. This is a good option if your company regularly create infographics or charts. And since your posts will appear on both sites, people who follow your Facebook will see that you’re on Instagram and start following this account as well.

6. Keep infographics short

Infographics are a fun and easy way for readers to learn about heavy topics. These visuals grab attention and help readers remember your product. For your infographics to be effective, make sure your graphs are short and easy to read. Short graphs fit well on Pinterest and are sharable. This can draw traffic to your company or site.

Bottom Line

Even if you don’t know much about computers or advertising, getting involved with social media isn’t overly complicated. It might take some time to find what works best for your business. But if you post regularly, provide informative advice and include images, you can have a successful social media campaign.

Image Credit: Flickr via mkhmarketing




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