How to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

lunch in the park

Some of us are so busy that we barely realise we’ve even had a lunch break, quickly chowing down a sandwich with one eye on the computer screen or even skipping lunch altogether for fear of falling behind on our workload. But avoiding a lunch break can cause more harm than good, draining our energy, dwindling our concentration and even damaging our mental and physical health.

So learn to make the most of your lunch break by viewing these handy tips below...

Take a proper break  

Some of the most successful CEOs insist on taking scheduled lunch breaks away from their desks. By making a habit of being away from your desk for a specific time every day, your body and mind will grow used to this and will learn to expect it. You’ll also return to work feeling ready to embrace the afternoon ahead. 

Invigorate your brain

Do a word search puzzle, read a tabloid or aim to learn something new. Aim to achieve something in your lunch break besides catching up with Facebook or pinning a pretty picture on Pinterest...

Eat smart

Pack (or buy) a healthy lunch filled with protein and complex carbohydrates. Avoid eating refined sugars as these only help to drain your energy. Never skip lunch; your body will slowly break down while your blood sugar levels will dip, draining your energy levels further.

Though being healthy is important, you should always enjoy your lunch. We only live once and the working day is a long one, so having a nourishing yet delicious meal to look forward to takes the strain off a hectic day.

Avoid naysayers

Don’t waste your precious lunch catching up on the latest gossip with a colleague. Instead, take a refreshing walk outside, indulge in an inspiring book or spend some time with an old friend. Your lunch break is only short, so make the most of it.

Make the most of it

Feel like work and home are two different jobs? Then use your lunch hour to catch up on some chores. Visit the bank, take your trousers to the tailor or pop in to the supermarket to get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Do what you can to take the strain off a busy evening.