How to Make Working Remotely a Profit-making Endeavour

Today’s workers need a change. For decades now, the average white-collar worker has been relegated to the doldrums of cubicles, offices filled with gossip and bosses that attempt to micromanage every single concept of the business. Many of these workplaces have metastasized into toxic environments.

The opportunity of working remotely has enticed millions of workers all over the Western world. Whether it’s working in the comfort of your own home or completing assignments in the confines of a coffee shop, remote work is becoming more attractive every single day.

Although some big-name private companies are scaling back on their telecommuting features, a growing number of businesses have decided to incorporate flexible work options as part of an experiment to enhance productivity and improving the overall lives of their employees.

Indeed, it isn’t just full-time employees cashing in on work from home endeavors. Freelancers and small business owners are also using their homes, coffee shops and libraries as their own offices to earn a living and establish a rewarding career. Just like any type of work, though, it can be difficult at first to adjust, but over time, your remote work can transform into a profit-making venture.

Here are five ways to make working remotely a lucrative prospect:


If your computer is seven years old, marred with viruses and performs slowly on a regular basis it’s time to upgrade and purchase new equipment. Today’s generation of computers can prove to be a worthwhile aid because of the enormous amount of hard drive storage available, high-quality webcam, flexible mobility and adaptation to the cloud. If you want to make money working from home, invest in the right equipment.

Schedule/To-do list

Akin to working on-site at an office, it’s imperative to live by a schedule. By establishing a concrete set of hours, you’ll ensure that you’ll be productive and at your desk should the company or a client want to engage with you. Without a schedule, you’ll likely flounder all over the place – watching television then doing 20 minutes of work and then doing laundry – so it’s best to produce a schedule with a to-do list right away and every single morning afternoon or evening (depending upon what hours you wish to work).


At times, you may want to work on the sofa or in bed. Although this can be beneficial on occasion, particularly when you’re ill, you should maintain a professional workstation in a certain part of the household. Rather than doing your duties at the kitchen table, sit on a chair at a desk in the corner of the living room. It’s hard to be productive when you’re restrained to a comfortable sofa in front of a television.


When you’re a freelancer or remote worker, you have to perform every single business role: accountant, administrator, IT support, marketer and CEO. By being the one to carry out all financial duties, you have to know how to produce invoices, how to charge clients and how to properly pay your taxes during the dreaded tax season. Be organized, pay attention to fine monetary details and know your rates.

Clients, clients, clients

At first, you may not have any clients at all. As time goes by, you start building a long-term working relationship with three clients. You may become complacent and just focus on this trio. However, never be okay with just a handful of clients because you never know when they may finish the partnership. Always be on the lookout for clients, whether it’s perusing job boards, advertising your services or asking around if anyone needs content, editing or web design services.

Working remotely can come with an immense headache and a lot of stress, but over time it can be fun, rewarding and profitable. As long as you remain dedicated to your role, whether it’s as a full-time virtual assistant or a freelance writer, you can find that working from home was the best decision you’ve ever made.

Do you earn your income primarily from home? Let us know how you do it in the comment section below!

Photo by Shane Adams via Flickr.




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