How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

The culture of handing out business cards dates back to 15 century China. Business cards, however, became more advanced and useful in the 17 century when the French imprinted small maps on them to direct clients to their business establishments. The 19 century saw the advent of business cards in the U.S., where advancements in printing technology turned them into a powerful marketing tool. notes that, today, the cards are designed carefully and uniquely to bolster confidence and expand global trade networks. Knowledge of making your business card stand out is consequently a vital step toward realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Think Value Addition Trends

Card designs that incorporate standard calibrations--such as conversion tables and formulas that are relevant to your line of trade--may actually capture people’s attention. This effect is possible because your clients are likely to be well conversant with the standard measurements. Therefore, other than giving them your contacts, you will also be giving them tools worth finding space for in their treasured business card holders. Some people may, as a result, view you as a detail-oriented businessperson while others may take you as someone who elaborately understands your business’ dynamics.

Embrace Technological Treats

In a world dominated by mobile phone and online marketing, technology is an important aspect that you shouldn’t ignore when designing an outstanding business card. Tech-oriented cards are usually info-graphic in nature, and they may be sent simultaneously to numerous recipients using Smartphones, tablets, palmtops or computers. They may enable you to use modern marketing techniques, such as Quick Response or QR codes and Latent Semantic Indexing, also known as LSI keywords. You may hyperlink some of the contact information on the card, making it possible to walk your clients through selected informative web pages relevant to your business interests. Electronic business cards are also a way of applying eco-friendly paperless business practices.

Pay Attention to Details

Business cards do not just provide precise contact information; their significance extends to outlining your socio-economic stature and establishing you to your potential and existing clients as a force to reckon with in the industry. The use of the right color scheme, for instance, could psychologically persuade undecided clients to consider taking your offers. Original phrases and slogans could also support your strengths by curving out visual and verbal signatures that are globally associated with quality and reliability.

Rethink your Presentation Styles

Business cards may draw more attention if presented the right way. Men, for example, disperse the cards straight from their breast or trouser pockets. Ladies, on the other hand, are accustomed to giving out the cards from business card cases, which may be customized to match numerous styles and personalities, notes Choosing the right presentation style, therefore, enables your cards to stand out. The right presentation may be effective especially if the interface incorporates finishing techniques such as spot UV, matte, embossed or glossy designs with a touch of classical ambiance.

Business cards are not just a scrap of paper but speak volumes about your business.

Image Source: iStock