How to Make Your Employees Happier [Infographic]

Keeping employees engaged at work 8 hours a day can be really tricky, especially as there are so many distractions to prevent them from to carrying out their job effectively. If the workplace is too noisy for example, they may be experiencing difficulties in terms of focus and productivity. Also, by introducing too many rules, you may be making them less motivated to work, instead of the other way around.  

But since happy employees are vital to company success, it’s important that they feel comfortable in their work environment so that they can give 100 percent. Research shows, there are many you can do that. For example, offering rewards, and giving them a sense of leadership and flexibility is a good way of improving employee engagement.

This infographic from Unum provides another 29 suggestions as to how you can make your employees happier. Whether your goal is to create a productive and enjoyable atmosphere or increase participation, you may need to consider making some of the changes it proposes in order to improve the way your business operates.

Not every employee is the same, and most of them require different things to feel content about their job. But as an entrepreneur, it will be your responsibility to provide these to them. So, what are you going to do about it?




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