How to Make Your Pre-work Mornings Less Stressful

Not all of us are morning people. In fact, once we’ve stumbled out of bed and head straight in to work for that morning cup of coffee. Though some may function well in the morning, they feel rushed or stressed about getting to work on time or fitting in a trip to the gym before they hit the office. 

Here are five tips that every sort of morning person can use to feel a little less stressed before work.

Most importantly, get enough sleep

Stress can feel a lot worse when you’re tired or grumpy. Though it can be tough to get in to a decent sleep routine, it’s vital for both your health and your state of mind. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re slowly adding to a sleep debt that can be really taxing on your productivity and overall happiness.

Try allocating an hour right before bed to wind down and relax. Though some say it’s best not to include electronics in this hour, winding down with Netflix doesn’t seem too bad. Just don’t start binging on your latest favorite series.

Get up even if it pains you

Resisting the temptation to hit snooze is hard. Just a few more minutes of precious rest can seem alluring, but in reality, it can be a hard hit to the time you have to get ready in the morning. Chances are, when you wake up on time, you’ll feel less rushed, and by waking up when you’re alarm goes off, you avoid the risk of falling into a deeper sleep and missing your alarm all together--making you late.

If you still feel rushed, try getting up ten or 15 minutes earlier than normal. Sometimes minor shifts can make us feel a little less stressed.

Prep the night before

Many people swear by getting ready for the day the night before. Packing your gym bag, making your lunch, and setting out what you plan to wear are all things that can be done the night before, leaving you with a fairly hassle-free morning where you can enjoy your coffee and take your time.

If you find that you’re still left with a lot of tasks in the morning, try paring down in simple ways. For example, if you haven’t discovered how to use your coffee’s timer yet, figure it out so you can spend that extra time relaxing in the shower or eating breakfast.

Try exercising

Not only is your willpower generally strongest in the morning, but taking a trip to the gym can be the boost you need to get out of the morning slump before you even hit the office. Though waking up a little earlier is a pain to most people, once you get in the habit of going, the benefits to your health are almost infinite. You’ll feel better, have more energy throughout the day and ride through your morning on endorphins.

Eat breakfast

If you’re not eating breakfast, you’re doing yourself a very serious disservice. Though it doesn’t have to be an insane four-course meal, it should be something that is loaded with healthy fats, proteins and carbs so that your body has the energy to get you through the day. Try something as simple as granola over greek yogurt or microwaveable breakfast sandwiches.

Mornings can be stressful, whether you’re a working single, working parent, or even a stay-at-home mom. Regardless, these tips can help you get into a healthy morning routine that doesn’t leave you feeling rushed or unsatisfied in the mornings.

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