How to Make Your Work Space More Comfortable

Most people spend over 8 hours a day in their workspace and if the setting is uncomfortable, their productivity level will be greatly decreased. If you’d like to succeed in your career and improve your productivity level, you must find ways to create a more comfortable workspace. This article will share several tips on how to make that space more user-friendly and relaxed.

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1. Declutter Your Work Space

Before you can make any changes to create a more comfortable workspace, you need to declutter the area. Once your office area is completely clutter free and organized, you will see an immediate difference in your daily mood at work and in your productivity level.

Disorganized Office spaces add needless stress to individuals who are trying to complete daily tasks. Some steps you can take to declutter your workspace are to organize your paperwork and implement a filing system for the following—handling incoming documents, items on your to do list and paperwork that needs to be filed for future reference. Additionally, review the items on your desk and shelves to ascertain if you have too many knickknacks, plants or photo frames cluttering your space. It’s nice to have these items. However, too many of them are not conducive to creating a comfortable work environment.

2. Adjust Your Lighting

Having the optimal lighting level in your workspace will not only make the space more comfortable, it will also improve your mood and productivity level. Poor lighting in the workplace can cause eye strain, drowsiness, boredom and headaches. Adjusting your lighting will provide positive advantages such as improved mood, added comfort and reduced fatigue levels. It is important to get as much natural light into your workspace as possible. However, if you work in a cubicle setting and don’t have direct access to windows, you can soften the harshness of the bright overhead fluorescent lights by adding task lighting that uses a full spectrum light bulb.

3. Decorate With Smart Intentions

You can make your workspace more comfortable by increasing the serenity of the space with smart intentions in your decorating. For example, add some personality by hanging photos of your family on the walls or pin them to a section of your cubicle. You can also accessorize the area by adding office friendly plants or cubicle friendly fish. Remember to check with your manager concerning any decorating ideas that will dramatically change the space, such as painting a wall. Obtaining permission first is always recommended. If you have any other special memorabilia, such as your favorite quotes on a plaque, bring them in to decorate your space. The more personality you bring to the area, the more comfortable and at home you will feel.

4. Think Ergonomically

Many office managers have started to use ergonomic chairs and other items to ensure the health of their employees as well as improve their comfort level. If your office manager has not employed such ergonomic measures, you should schedule a meeting with this person to share your specific needs regarding these issues. It is important to have the right ergonomic chair in order to avoid pain and maintain an appropriate comfort level in the workspace.

You can check out this article from Lifehacker to find out some helpful tips regarding the following: proper placement of the mouse and keyboard on your desk as well as factors involved in finding the best ergonomic chair. With regard to the chair, for the optimal comfort level, you must have the chair adjusted to your specific settings with regard to arm rests, seat height, back rest height and lumbar support.

5. Cultivate a Positive Atmosphere

This last step can add the right amount of ambiance to your workspace so that you are working at your optimal comfort level. If it is permitted in the workplace, you may want to bring a CD player in, listen to your playlist on one of your devices or through an app like Pandora or Spotify.

If you play the right music that will make you the most (appropriately) comfortable, you will improve your effectiveness in the workplace. However, remember to keep your music at a low level so that you do not negatively affect the concentration level of your coworkers. One other way to cultivate a positive atmosphere is to utilize aromatherapy in your work space. Using one to two drops of an essential oil like—lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint or rosemary—will create a calming atmosphere without disturbing coworkers.

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Making your work space more comfortable can be done by following any of the five steps discussed in this article. What have you done to make your work space a more comfortable and productive environment?




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