How to Make Yourself a Poachable Employee

While we’re often told that we should be loyal to the company we work for and to our boss, the truth is that you are only loyal if you’ve got no career aspirations. Without a doubt, it’s important to work in an environment where you feel part of the community but if you’re looking to improve your financial status, then you need to consider whether you need to make yourself more poachable.

Tesla Motors has poached at least 150 Apple employees, and Uber’s been poaching Goldman Sachs’ bankers. The war on talent is on, and as anyone in the know would tell you, it’s all about hiring the right talent no matter what the compensation package they’re asking for is. Therefore, it stands to reason that if two companies want to claim your talent, you let them, and you ask for the best benefits package while you’re at it.

Even if you don’t want to change companies, an offer from a competing company is always a great bargaining chip for a raise so, really, you have nothing to lose if you try putting into effect the following advice.

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1. Get Online

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Obviously, you need to use social media. So, make sure that you have a strong presence on LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms. Make sure to add samples of your work, presentations, proposals, etc. – basically, if you’ve ever done something that impressed your boss, it should be online for everybody to see.

Make sure that you update your professional social media profiles often and that you’ve added something that will wow potential employers. Also, be sure to connect and interact with other professionals; if you succeed in making a buzz around your name on social media platforms, then you’ll be poached before long.

2. Don’t Miss Out on Networking Events

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Industry events can be boring, especially if there’s nothing new to learn or no one new to meet. However, you should start attending these events again because they are your ticket to being poached. Even if you know everyone attending these events, make sure you put on your best suit, polish your networking skills, and be there. You never know how a professional connection might work out.

Maybe a company that didn’t interest you before has rapidly grown and is now looking for new talent, or maybe there’s an old colleague who’s just been poached to an overseas company. The more you strengthen your relations with your professional circle, the more chances you have of getting your name out there.

When you make your appearance at these events, make sure that you are a pleasure to talk to. Have something clever and interesting to say to everyone, and be friendly. If it’s possible to get a guest list beforehand, do it. Look up who’s attending, find out if they’re up to anything new, and ask them about it on the night of the event. It never harms to know about the goings-on in your industry.

3. Start Building Bridges

A recent LinkedIn survey found that a whopping 16% of new hires in companies were already connected to current employees somehow. So, if you know someone who works at a competing company that you’d like to be poached from, then you might want to start turning that acquaintance into a friendship. I’m not suggesting that you use that person, but you should make sure that they are up-to-date with all your latest achievements. This way, when they hear their company is looking to hire, they’ll think of you first.

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You should always know your worth in the industry, and if you are an easily poachable employee, it means that you can climb the corporate ladder that much faster while accumulating wealth and benefits.

What about you? Would you like to be poached by a bigger company? Or have you already been poached? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!




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