How to Make Yourself Memorable

Picture yourself running naked through your office. That would definitely make you more memorable to everyone. So maybe that’s an extreme measure. Before we continue, stop thinking about seeing all your colleagues running around naked in the office. If you weren’t thinking that, sorry for the suggestive thought! There are other ways that you can make yourself memorable and leave a lasting impression on those around you. The more memorable you are, the more people will like you. When you’re well-liked, your career success seems to take on a life of its own. Start catering to your eccentric side and you’ll become more memorable, so find ways to stand out from the crowd and become the life of the party. Cause a little mischief by shaking the status quo at work. It only takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box to get your creative juices flowing so you can make yourself more memorable

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1. Cater to Your Eccentric Side

You are unique. There is no one else like you. Use that to your advantage when you are trying to become more memorable. Cater to your eccentric side. People will remember you if you allow yourself to embrace who you are, even with all your quirks and funky habits. Ok, so this unveiling of your eccentric side can be intimidating and make you feel vulnerable, but you’ll definitely become more memorable. You may feel silly by showing people the real you, but think of all the freedom you’ll experience when you can walk around not being afraid to be unique.

Throw caution to the wind and come to work wearing clothing that shows your more eccentric side. If you’re a bedazzler, go to town showing off your clothes simply because that’s what you enjoy wearing. Just remember to stay within the boundaries established by management. You don’t want to cause a scene by wearing borderline lingerie type clothing—even when you still want to express your eccentricities.

Make your office space unique. If you’re a cat lover, bring in that photo of your furry kitty. Hang up that cute cat calendar. Drink from your favorite cat-faced coffee mug. Who cares what people say. They’ll definitely remember you! Maybe your eccentricities play out in the form of funky habits. Ok, so you might not take it to the extreme of clipping your toe nails at your cubicle. Maybe you like to sing or hum while you work. Maybe you can’t help yourself from chair dancing at your desk while listening to music and working. Just make sure you don’t cause any distractions to others while embracing your eccentricities. Don’t be afraid to embrace your uniqueness and become more memorable by allowing people to see your eccentric habits.

2. Become the Life of the Party

Most people enjoy going to parties. You can make yourself more memorable by becoming the life of the party. Make everyday a fun experience where you seek to find the joy in each moment. People will definitely remember you when you have the freedom to make them laugh and feel at ease at the same time. People who are the life of the party are usually excellent conversationalists. They are active listeners who enjoy the exchange of ideas and opinions. Being the life of the party is a fun way to make yourself more memorable. So what are you waiting for? Bring that party each day into the workplace!

Encourage your colleagues to enjoy themselves as much as possible in the workplace, and bring laughter to your daily encounters with others in the office. You will become more memorable by cultivating a fun party atmosphere wherever you go. Of course, you’re not going to start having Happy Hour during the lunch break, but you get the idea. Any chance you get to laugh, joke around and pull the occasional harmless office prank on one of your colleagues, will make a striking impression.

Find ways to cheer up any colleagues who seem unmotivated in coming to work each day. If you can help someone else to become more motivated and start to experience the life of the party effect, you will definitely make people notice you. Suggest to your manager that the workplace atmosphere can become more fun and engaging to employees by implementing festive events and activities. For example, ask your manager to consider hosting special lunches on Fridays where all employees are treated to a free meal. Other Fridays, employees can be permitted to bring in meals to share during a potluck lunch. If nothing like this is happening, invite your colleagues out to Happy Hour at a local bar or restaurant on Friday nights to get to know others better and foster that party atmosphere.

3. Shake Up the Status Quo

Chair Championships

Another way to make yourself unforgettable is to find ways to shake things up in the office. Now don’t get all radical and cause needless chaos in the workplace. You’re not trying to cause a coup of the management. Becoming memorable by shaking up the status quo involves finding that delicate balance between complete and total anarchy and creatively shaking the status quo. You never know. You can become the office hero of your fellow colleagues if you find creative ways to rock the boat.

Question your manager when you think you have a better idea for how to increase sales. Again, focus on more creative shaking rather than destructive anarchy. Just imagine how your fellow colleagues will change their opinions of you when you show them that it’s possible to stand up to the boss. Don’t be afraid to challenge your coworkers to embrace new ways of doing things in the office. Most people don’t like change. If you can challenge the status quo and get others to embrace change that leads to increased productivity, then you don’t need to do anything else- you are going to be the employee of the month.

Shake up the status quo by testing the waters. See how far you can go with your manager by testing his limits. However, don’t break the rules, but get as close to crossing them as you can. If you’re successful in shaking things up, your coworkers will remember that you helped them get those summer hours implemented in the office. When they’re heading out to the beach early on a Friday afternoon at 3 pm instead of having to wait until closing time at 5 o’clock, they’ll remember your part in this. You were the one who convinced your boss to separate from the pack and get a nap room created in the office. You got your manager to agree to holding contests for employees to award those who have been most improved in workplace productivity each quarter. Shaking the status quo won’t necessarily be easy, but the rewards will be worth it.  You’ll become revered in the workplace!

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Eccentricity is good; tap into all your uniqueness so that you make that lasting impression on people around you. Who knew that by making life more interesting and fun by bringing the party atmosphere with you wherever you go would be so rewarding. Come on, shake things up and challenge the status quo.

Have you started your own journey of becoming more memorable? Do you have any other tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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