How to Make Yourself More Promotable

Have you been thinking lately that you’re never going to get promoted at work? Maybe you feel like your boss doesn’t even know who you are. Basically, you don’t even exist in his mind. You’re not on the radar for any future promotions. Seems kind of dismal, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make changes demonstrating that you are promotion material. Making positive changes to your mindset and behavior patterns is a good place to start. Once your transformation is complete, you will have made yourself more promotable. You’ll definitely be on your boss’s radar then and you could even be next in line for the promotion you’ve been dreaming about. 

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1. Be Company-Minded

It’s true that being successful in your career involves focusing on yourself as you become a better employee and a more fully developed professional. Yet simply focusing on yourself, your dreams and goals won’t make you more promotable. You need to shift your mindset to become more company-minded. If you have aspirations to be promoted to the highest level of management in the company, you’re not going to get there if you constantly focus on how you feel and where you think your career should be going. Find a balance where you focus on both your own professional goals and the goals of the company. Having a drive to succeed is important, however it must be founded in a desire for the actual company to succeed before you do. When you’re self-minded, you don’t care who you step on or what it takes to get you where you want to go. Being company-minded forces you to expand your perspective and focus on what’s important for the company as a whole.

What are the goals of management? Where does management want to take the company? If you can answer those questions, you’re starting to get more company-minded. You need to focus on the larger picture of how you as an individual can do your part to get the company to where it needs to be. Having this expanded perspective will make you exponentially more promotable. Your manager will begin to see that you’re not out simply for yourself. You’re not planning to leave the company because you got a better offer somewhere else which could benefit your career more. Being company-minded will make you promotable because your manager will have security in knowing that you actually want to stay. Your goals are rooted in the success of the company. You know that the company’s success becomes your own success. That perspective will get you promoted more quickly than if you focus solely on your own career goals.

2. Initiate Positive Change


You will serve your purpose of becoming more promotable if you initiate positive change. Employees who get promoted generally tend to see problems and know how to solve them. They look for positive solutions that will impact the company in a larger way. Every aspect of their job performance is focused on making positive changes that will have greater impact on the overall productivity of the company. Figure out ways to create more effective methods to complete team projects. Find ways to make your department run more efficiently. This may not be in your specific job description. However, when your manager sees that you have taken time to initiate positive changes, you will become more promotable.

Pay attention to what’s going on in the office around you. If you see that one of your colleagues needs help completing a team project assignment within a deadline, become an encourager. Motivate this coworker to complete the assignment. If needed, help this person finish the assignment so that the project will get completed on time. Just remember that you’re not doing this to pat yourself on the back. Your goal is to initiate positive changes that create more productivity. Be open to finding ways to make interoffice relationships between departments run more smoothly. If communication between departments is poor, make positive changes to improve how employees interact with each other. Ask your manager if a meeting can be scheduled with the various departments that have to work together. The goal is to increase communication levels and ascertain why there have been miscommunications, disagreements or conflicts.

Individuals who advance in the workplace need to have a vision of what will make the company run more smoothly. They must focus on ways to keep employees stimulated and happy with their jobs. That will make employees more productive. Anything you can do to focus on initiating positive change will help you gain favor in the eyes of your manager.

3. Value the Learning Process

Making yourself more promotable involves valuing the learning process. Have you ever wondered how it’s possible for your manager to know so much? Maybe it’s because he has understood the value of learning and developing as a professional. You won’t be promotable if you think you’re smart enough already and have nothing new to learn. Being a know-it-all will not get you the next promotion. Your manager wants to know that you are smart, but also he needs to know that you have a thirst for continual knowledge. How can you get promoted if you don’t know that there’s more to learn? You need to learn how to excel in your current job responsibilities. You must learn how the office runs. If you’ve been living as an island unto yourself and have no idea what your coworkers even do during the day, you’re not very promotable.

Obviously, you’re never going to know everything. However, you should want to know everything. When your manager sees that you are interested in learning your job and excelling to your optimal potential, you’ll be placed on the short list for a promotion. If your manager sees that you have signed up for one of the voluntary lunch and learn trainings, he’ll be reinforced in his decision to put you on that short list. Constantly learning is important so make sure you develop your thirst for knowledge. When you have that, you won’t be afraid to learn new things when you’re promoted. Even if your manager doesn’t see you learning, you need to keep reading books and learning new information on the field you’re in. Take continuing education classes. Start a book discussion group once a week with interested colleagues during your lunch hour. Join associations in your field so you can stay current on new technology and what’s happening in the industry. That’s what someone in upper management would do. You need to start doing those types of things now, while you’re trying to climb the ladder of success.

4. Make Tough Decisions

If you want to be promoted, you need to start making tough decisions now. Those in management make tough decisions every day -whether that’s to do with firing someone, hiring someone or finding ways to make the company successful. If you don’t know how to make these types of tough decisions, how are you ever going to make them when you get promoted? So start the decision-making process now, while you’re aiming for the next promotion. Ok, you’re not in management yet. You won’t be firing or hiring anyone today. So start small. Make the tough decisions that are right in front of you.

Start with deciding to steer clear of office politics. Don’t become one of the pawns in the great office chess game. Decide to stay away from office drama as much as possible. Don’t participate in gossip. Be ethical in your decisions to get to work at least fifteen minutes early each day and not to leave before anyone else in the office. Make good decisions with regard to the people you associate with in the office. You won’t be able to stay away from everyone who is negative, but try to surround yourself with positive and motivating people. Learning how to make tough decisions will make you more promotable.

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Making yourself more promotable begins with being more company-minded. Don’t focus on yourself all the time. Initiate positive change in the workplace and strive for increased productivity. Value the learning process and become a student of continuing education on all levels and types. Start making tough decisions now so that you can make them when you get to management positions.

What steps have you taken in your own professional life to make you more promotable?




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