How to Make Yourself Smart

Would you rather be smart or attractive? For those of us who’d rather be smart, this engaging infographic may help.

Key Points

  1. If you want to become smart, you must become persistent. Human embodiments of persistence include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Ludwig Van Beethoven.
  2. Write down your goals and share them. Numerous studies have shown that writing your goals and sharing them results in a greater likelihood of success.
  3. Embrace the written word. Reading develops your vocabulary; it enables you to articulate your thoughts much more effectively; it improves your ability to solve problems, and it enhances your concentration levels, which means you’re are able to focus better. An article in Lifehack points to additional benefits: stress reduction, increased knowledge, tranquillity, improved written skills and sharper analytical skills. Studies have also shown that particular genres of books, notably crime/detective stories, increases your confidence.
  4. Practice abstinence. This might be controversial. However, According to Gene Expression, IQ is a strong predictor of levels of virginity amongst teens.
  5. Being smart has its downsides. Sleep deprivation, anxiety and a greater likelihood of taking drugs and drinking are associated with having a high IQ.

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So if you want to be smart, be guided by the tips within this infographic. But stay away from the drink and drugs!

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