Making 6-Figures Per Month; Podcaster John Lee Dumas Shares His Story

Self-professed country boy from the northeastern state of Maine, USA; John Lee Dumas shares his journey with The Wantrepreneur Journey. After spending 8 years serving in the United States army, John began searching for what his long term career would look like. After spending some time in the corporate world, he entered into real estate and enjoyed financial success in spite of a severe economic downturn. However, even with the financial success, he still felt unfulfilled. Spending hours commuting in his car, he would listen to countless podcasts; the problem was that he could not find enough to listen to. John describes this as his "Aha Moment"- coming up with the idea of producing a 7-day a week podcast. That was the birth of which is now pulling in more than 6-figures per month.

On discovering your passion:

It shouldn’t be a major concern if you have not yet found your passion. John says to keep swinging the bat. When you do discover what excites you, heavily invest in yourself and in the journey. Discover a niche- a need that hasn’t been filled.

What holds people back from pursuing their dream?

Fear of failure and The Impostor Syndrome. There is an innate experience that continually calls us toward our comfort zone. But that needs to be broken and ignored. Pursuing a new venture means being a pioneer and trekking through uncharted territory. John opens up about how fear of failure cost him $100, 000 as he delayed his launch date.

3 Immediate actions for getting unstuck?

1) Find a mentor- a person that you look up to in the context you are seeking to get involved. A mentor possesses the expertise and knowledge you need to succeed.

2) Connect with a mastermind group- find a likeminded community of dreamchasers. Learn, grow, and be encouraged in a setting that will propel you toward your goal.

3) Go to conferences- this will allow you to network with people beyond your own mastermind group. 

On ignorance VS validation?

You definitely need both. Ignore the critics but listen to your audience. John gives a great example of listening to his audience to get the validation he needed to start his exclusive podcasting academy. Before spending a bunch of time and money on creating the product, he tested and validated the product by offering the product pre-completion- making 35 sales and over $10,000.

John’s definition of success?

“The gradual realisation of a worth ideal.” A quote by Earl Nightingale. Success is a journey. It is gradually experiencing the achievement of something worthy. You can be passionate about many things, but what makes a pursuit worthy is the positive impact it has on other people. John is always moving the bar, pushing himself, growing, and learning.