Manage Your Career With a Sense of Urgency

Carol Sawdye, is the Chief Finance Officer of PwC and has held many high profile position in numerous institutions. In this video, Carol Sawdye speaks about how, a very serious health event made her approach her career and personal life with a sense of high urgency.

She says that her upbringing was very risk averse, and she assumed that her life and career would take a very traditional path. There was a fork in that path that made Carol Sawdye diverge from that perspective.

Risk can be Positive

At age 25 she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease with an undefined life expectancy. This event motivated her to act instead of ruminate. She didn’t have the luxury to look safely at the events of her action. Being proactive means taking risks and moving out of your comfort zone. Carol Sawdye says that many companies are looking for individuals that will risk, and are a little more able to tolerate the failure that is an inherent result of risk. 

These risks though granted her a track-record and resume that would have recruiters vying for her. She has held positions as Executive Vice President and CFO of the NBA, COO of Skadden Arps Slate, Partner first at PWC and then Vice Chairman and CFO with the same mega-finance company.

Turn a Positive into a Negative

Carol Sawdye gives many insights into how to manically pursue your career. However, I think the biggest message that can be extrapolated, is taking a very negative experience and using it as a means to switch perspective and to ultimately motivate you.

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