How to Manage Your First Hour at Work

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1. Check your Emails
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Have a browse through your emails to identify anything that needs immediate attention. It is not necessary that you reply to all your emails during this time, however it gives you the opportunity to review all pending tasks and get up to speed with urgent matters.

The first hour of work is considered to be the most important one. Why? Because it determines the direction for the rest of your day. It is the time of the day where your brain is at its freshest - therefore allowing you to think clearly and positively (unless you chose to be a negative person).

This hour starts from the moment you enter the office, not from the moment you wake up since those are 2 completely different brain-times (i.e. the alertness of your mind). Once you arrive in your office, you should make sure that you manage to do these 8 tasks before you enter the second hour of the day!




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