How to Market a Product in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is becoming an ideal location for many big and small businesses who want to operate in a booming market. It is home to millions of expats from around the world, principally from Asia. Moreover, the culture of the UAE is also quite different from the rest of the world, given the fact that the country belongs to the Middle Eastern region. Thus, before marketing a product in the UAE, it is important to learn how to correctly do so in order to avoid failure.

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1. Understand the culture and economy

The UAE is a Middle Eastern country but someone visiting may find it a little difficult to believe that, given the number of expats and foreign brands within the country. The United Aram Emirates is home to millions of international brands, including Prada, Harvey Nichols, Adidas, Burger King, and Starbucks, to name a few. This is not surprising though, since the UAE attracts tourists and labor from around the world. However, these brands do not usually market their products in a similar way as they do in their home country, given the conservative culture of the UAE. It is predominately a Muslim country and thus places certain restrictions on advertising and marketing. Advertisements displayed through different communication channels are expected to comply with certain decency codes. Moreover, advertising rules in the UAE require companies to employ bilingual advertising, thus displaying their message in both English and Arabic.

2. Consider Hiring an Advertising Agency

Given the cultural sensitivity and language disparity of the UAE, it is always advisable to hire an advertising agency. If you are tight on a budget, then hiring a small advertising agency would be more suitable. For a small company, however, it may not be advisable to hire even a small advertising agency.

3. Decide the Target Market

In the UAE, you are going to get an interesting mix of consumers. Some are local, others come from Asia, and some even come from European countries. So, how do you decide which culture to target? Your best bet is not to divide your target market into ethnicities but in demographical, attitude or behavioral characteristics. That way you can increase the reach of your target market without being too broad.

4. Develop your Strategy

Once you have selected your target market, you need to create your strategy. This depends on how you want to position your product amongst your target market. The strategy will also help your customers understand your product.

5. Choose the Right Marketing Channel

Marketing channels in the UAE are a little different from the rest of the world. It is usually not advisable to market your product on television since most consumers in the UAE are expats and usually follow their home country’s programs rather than local ones. Print advertising, on the other hand, is a better option, considering that national newspapers in the UAE have a strong readership. Another good option to consider is out-of-home advertising. These include activities carried out in malls and supermarkets. This is perhaps the best option in the UAE since it targets a diverse range of customers and involves them with the product. Online advertising is also a feasible option since it is associated with the lowest cost and you could potentially reach 2.3 million UAE consumers. You should also consider listing your product on an appropriate website.

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Marketing your product in the UAE could be quite profitable for your company but the success of the marketing venture depends on understanding the cultural differences and adapting your product according to the market.

How have you marketed your product in the UAE? Share your tips with us in the comments section below!




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