How to Market to Young People

Teenagers and young adults are a highly significant demographic that you ought to be marketing your products or services to. In fact, comScore estimates the purchasing power of millenials at a mahoosive $170 billion per year.

But it can be a difficult job if you’re not familiar with what appeals to them or their shopping habits. Here are some tips that will guarantee a successful marketing campaign for young adults:

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1. Know their shopping habits


The fact is that nowadays young people prefer to shop online. eMarketer found that 18- to 34-year-olds are much more likely to make their purchases online than older generations, with 40% of males and 33% of females saying that they would do ALL of their shopping online if they could.

What this information tells you is that if you don’t have the means for young people to buy your goods online, they probably won’t bother.

Furthermore, 65% of males and 55% of females use eBay to make their purchases. Apart from indicating that Generation Y prefers their goods cheap or discounted, this also shows that you don’t necessarily need your own site to sell to them – though this would be ideal – you simply need a platform.

Here’s what you need to know:

If you look at recent studies, you’ll find that younger people prefer the ease of shopping online. So find a platform for your product, even if it means using an online marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Etsy to name just a few. It would be a magnificent idea to look at their shopping habits for your specific niche, too.

2. Make use of social media

Social Media

I challenge you to find a young person who doesn’t have at least one social media account. Most young people pretty much have their phones glued to their hands, scrolling through the latest posts on Instagram, Twitter, and the like.

Just take a look at the figures:

At the start on 2014, research showed that 89% of 18- to 29-year-olds use social media. If this doesn’t tell you that you should be using social media to reach a younger audience, then I don’t know what will!

When it comes to using social media for marketing purposes, know that there are specific techniques suited to each individual platform. And it would take hours to outline all of these techniques; in fact, you could write several books on the subject.

Take a look at these general pointers to maximize your response on social media:

  • Make good use of one or two sites to begin with, e.g. Facebook and Twitter; don’t spread your brand too thinly across a variety of sites.
  • Create a strong and consistent brand across social media platforms, e.g. use clear images and fill out your profile properly.
  • Post content regularly to keep users engaged and informed.

3. Use tactics that will excite young people such as creating a guerilla campaign

It’s very simple: young people get bored easily. That’s why you really have to grab their attention and excite them with your marketing campaign.

Guerilla marketing works well because millennials enjoy an experience, they like interacting with a brand. Statistics show that 78% of millenials are more likely to get involved with a brand if they have face-to-face interaction.

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This could be as simple as sending reps out onto the street and giving young people free samples. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Or you could plan something massive and go viral by pulling off a big stunt like the big brands do.

So, when it comes to marketing to young people the best way is to start up a relationship with them. Know what they like and get them to notice you. Make use of technology and their interests to really get Generation Y involved in your brand.