Marketing Artists VS Marketing Scientists [Infographic]

Technological advances have essentially forced the modern marketer to explore alternative ways of presenting and promoting content to their audience. Such changes encouraged the collaboration of the marketing artist with the marketing scientist in order to increase the chances of creating a successful marketing campaign.  

This infographic from Salesforce and Pardot presents the differences between these two personalities who are both working towards ‘optimising campaigns to perfection’. As you can see, while a marketing artist and marketing scientist have some many profound differences, their skills and knowledge combined together can generate immense profits for the marketing department, including ROI and the best marketing solutions for their customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Marketing artists are creative and innovative whereas marketing scientists are more organised and detail-oriented.
  • Artists are more concerned with email campaigns, content creation and thought leadership projects.
  • Scientists are more concerned with forecasting, lead management, reporting and analytics projects.

Check this infographic to get more information about the key characteristics of each marketer and become familiar with how they operate within the industry. 




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