How To Massively Crowdsource Your Job Search

Have you been having a hard time getting a job? That’s alright; most people find job hunting to be an exhausting and a never-ending process. This is why you need to consider employing different methods in your job search.

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I’ll assume that you’ve gone the whole nine yards with updating your resume and adding keywords, and I’ll also assume that you’ve built a personal website to help you with your job search, if these have proven to be fruitless just the same, then consider asking the help of other people. And I don’t just mean your mum, and your aunt and your aunt’s friend’s friend, consider asking help from people you’ve never met or heard of in your life.

As we spend so much of our time online, it only makes sense to take your job search online and enlist the help of unknown people to achieve your goal. And people really want to help these days, so why not use it to your advantage? To help you out in this endeavour we’ve put together a guide, so read on to find out how to massively crowdsource your job search.

1. Get Feedback

In order to succeed in getting a job through crowdsourcing, you need to make sure that you are truly impeccable. People write reviews for anything these days, so you need to take note of all the little details that could blow this endeavour.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is get feedback. Send your CV to all your friends and their friends and put together a questionnaire that they can answer to help with their feedback, consider asking questions like how attractive the CV is, whether they’d be interested to call you if they were an employer and if not, why not. Also, ask a friend to help you with doing a mock job interview.

If you go here you’ll find everything you need to know about prepping for an interview, so prepare and then ask a friend to be your interviewer, film the whole thing and post it on Youtube, then share the video on all social media platforms and ask people if they would hire you. You can for example, ask them to hit ‘Like’ on Facebook, if they’d hire you. Don’t forget to ask them to share your video either.

2. Ask a Question

asking question

There are lots of sites that can help you with learning more information on whatever subject might interest you, for example, there’s Quora and there’s Yahoo Answers. If, for example, you have a major in something, but would like to work in a different field and you don’t know what the key skills are for that profession, you can ask people on these websites and you can use their answer to customise your CV.

Also, you can use these websites to help you put together a list of the companies you should be targeting. Ask specific questions like ‘Can you recommend a company that hires new grads who majored in this’? Anyone who has an answer will be tempted to reply, and you can use all this information to up your job search game.

3. Ask Your Friends to Help You

Many people have succeeded in getting a job this way. Simply share a post on all of your social media platforms saying that you are looking for a job. It’s a good idea to be specific about what kind of job you want, and where you’d want to work. This will make your post more memorable. Ask your connections, followers and friends to share this post, too. And although it might take a while, you are sure to hear back from someone saying that they’ve heard about a vacancy that might interest you.

Don’t limit yourself to only sharing your post once; try to share it again every few days, while you should also post it on any websites relevant to your profession.

4. Freelance

Freelancing might not make you rich, especially if you don’t have any experience, but it can help you get some experience. Share a post saying that you’ll be undertaking x freelance projects for a low rate and ask your friends to share as well.

Remember to keep your prices extra low, while you should also post regular updates. For example, when you’ve completed the first project share it with your friends; tell them that the project is done and that you are ready for the next one, while also reminding them about your offer.

Crowdsourcing your job search is guaranteed to get you results. All you need to do is have patience and provide your followers with engaging content and regular updates.

Have you ever used crowdsourcing to get a job? Share your tips in the comment section below...