Master Your People Skills in 3 Steps

In order to succeed in your career and in your life, in general, you have to be able to communicate with other people effectively and approach each one with a friendly and welcoming attitude. If you manage to master your people skills, then it will be much easier for you to handle everyday situations and develop a better understanding of the way people think and behave. People skills are particularly important for those who are interacting with other individuals on a daily basis especially people who work in any customer service, marketing, education or healthcare environment.   

’People skills’ Refers To:

  • Understanding ourselves and controlling our responses.
  • Talking effectively and showing empathy towards other people.
  • Building relationships of trust and respect.

Employers nowadays also seem more interested in the ‘soft’ and interpersonal skills candidates possess such as communication, listening and teamwork skills. These skills can demonstrate their ability to interact with other people effectively and empathise accurately. 

So, if you want to develop your people skills, this video from Vanessa Van Edwards, can help you do that in just 3 simple steps. Check out the video and get to know why it is important to work on these skills and try alternative approaches to small-talk and conversation starters!