Mastermind of Creation – 10 Most Important Creations That We Use in our Daily Life

On a daily basis, we use a number of different products that aim to make our life a lot easier, enjoyable, and more luxurious. Despite the fact that we think these products are small and don’t make a big difference on our lifestyle, they actually do. In many cases, we have even become addicted to using these creations up to the point where we are clueless to what we could do without them.

So, here are the ten most important creations that we use in our daily life:

1. Smartphones

woman using phone

Smartphones are the No. 1 most important creation of all time. More than 2 billion people around the world have them and use them on a daily basis. These devices have become so essential in our everyday lives that they are even preventing us from having a good time out with friends and enjoying a family dinner.

2. Toaster


This is the machine that cooks your breakfast every morning, so you should be grateful it exists. The first toaster was invented in 1893 and has since become the most important appliance in your kitchen. The latest electric toasters can toast your bread and even flip it on both sides without you having to do it!

3. Coffee Machine

Coffe machine

Who doesn’t love coffee? Even if you don’t own a coffee machine, you still go to the nearest coffee shop every day to get your wake-up morning coffee! So, if it wasn’t for that coffee machine, who would make you your favorite caramel macchiato from Starbucks?

4. Tablets

Tablets have become so popular and interwoven in our daily lives that even a baby knows how to use them. For the majority of students around the world, tablets have become even more important than cellphones. They use it to download apps, play games, read, watch movies, and even call their friends.

5. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks
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The discovery of soft drinks can be traced back to the 17th century. The first soft drinks were made with water, lemon juice and honey, although ingredients changed since then and more flavorings that were added later aimed to improve the taste. If it wasn’t for these soda drinks, we wouldn’t have known what Coca-Cola is today!

6. Toilet Paper

What would you do without toilet paper? Probably clean yourself up with rags, grass, fruit skins or snow like people used to do in the past. The first use of toilet paper traces back to the 6th century in China, when a traveler made the remark that “they [Chinese people] do not wash themselves with water but only wipe themselves with paper”. Toilet paper is perhaps one of the most important products used for sanitary purposes along with the toothbrush and shower gel!

7. Vacuum Cleaner

Vaccum Cleaner

Do you still remember those big vacuum cleaners that made you feel that you lifted weights while cleaning your house? Despite the fact that they were heavy, they made cleaning a lot easier not only for the average housewife but for everybody. Vacuum cleaners today vary in size and particularly the smaller ones can make cleaning more efficient and fun!

8. Tin Cans

If it weren’t for the tin cans, what else you would eat at work, on your road trip or when you were too tired to cook? The invention of tin cans actually had a great impact on preserving our food and made our life a lot easier.

9. Alarm Clock

Am I the only one who thinks alarm clocks are lifesavers? Probably not. How many times did you forget to switch on your alarm clock, missed the morning bus, and end up being late to work? Just face it, alarm clocks are a big help to getting you out of bed every morning.

10. Refrigerator

Can you imagine how many foods would go to waste if we didn’t have refrigerators? This household appliance keeps your food fresh and stores your everyday important dairy products such as milk and cheese so that they don’t go bad within a day. In fact, you can’t understand the luxury and convenience it provides unless you try living without one for 3 days.

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All of these ten products are considered to be amongst the most important creations that are essential to our daily lives. Without these products our lives would have been much more difficult, therefore we should consider ourselves lucky enough for having the privilege to own them.

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Are there any other creations that you think are important to your life? Let us know in the comments section below…