McDonald's Allows Customers to "Pay With Lovin'"

McDonald’s came up with a bunch of fun ways to express your Lovin’. The global food service retailer has started accepting a new form of payment last week, which lets random customers pay for their food with love, including gestures such as selfies, hugs and high fives. The “Pay with Lovin’” campaign was launched on the 2 of February and will be running until Valentine’s Day.

Customers who order items during particular times will get to participate in the deal. Fist-bumps and hugs are also legitimate ways to pay. In this video, employees ask their customers to call a loved one to tell them they love them or to break into a spontaneous dance routine.

Unfortunately, this unique payment plan is valid exclusively in the US region, so UK fast food lovers will still have to pay for their meals the conventional way.

The new campaign was aired in a $4.5 million spot during the Super Bowl. The stunt is part of the struggling chain’s new “brand transformation”, which is based on the “I’m lovin’ it” slogan.

So, were any of our US readers the lucky ones to be allowed to pay with “lovin’”? Please share your experience with us!