McDonald’s Darkest Secrets [Video]

Since 1940, McDonald’s has been proudly serving its famously delicious, but unhealthy hamburgers and fries to the American public. In this time, it has managed to become the world’s largest fast-food chain and also toy distributor.

The company includes a toy in 20% of all of its meals which equates to roughly 1.5 billion toys sold every year. However, there is a dark side to this. Many have accused the company of using the kid’s Happy Meal’s and its clown mascot, Roland McDonald, to manipulate and fatten children. Essentially, the argument is that the company has generated enormous profits by unfairly targeting children in their marketing campaigns.

As well as this, there have been major controversies regarding the quality of the food that McDonalds has been serving. Anyone who remembers the picture of the ‘pink slime’ that was used as one of the main ingredients in their hamburgers knows exactly what I am talking about…

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This video from Dark5 reveals some of the biggest secrets that McDonald’s has kept hidden from its customers all of these years. Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below…