How to Meet Crazy Work Deadlines

Every careerist experiences deadlines. Deadlines could be from your boss, your client or from a contractor. Now, not meeting deadlines could be bad for business and could spoil your reputation. It could also mean getting fired or losing credibility at work. You need to figure out how to meet your deadlines and be taken more seriously.

Deadlines in its right are not so bad. They help you improve, even for you and your team or your workmates. And career growth is certain if you are meeting deadlines. Here are six tips to help you out in making those crazy work deadlines.

1# Get the Specifics

Have a clear view of the project or goal at hand. Ask questions that will provide the information you need. Even the clients or the boss designating the project may not know it all, as to what details could change the scope of the project entirely. So seek all the specifics out first. This helps you be sure and confident about what you are getting into.

2# Work Backwards

You should know the end from the beginning. Create an outline. There should be a time dynamic attached to your plan. Review it all from start to finish and take it from the end. Have those milestones that will be reached and will measure your progress.

3# Break it Down

Looking at the deadline and at how huge the size of the project could be fatiguing and dull your senses. So it is better to methodically break the projects into small chunks. Create a list and focus on each individual task on it that will lead you to the accomplishment of the project.

4# Concentrate

If you are working with a team or just alone you should focus all your energy on the project at hand. Get support where you have to or delegate where you have to.  Make sure you keep away from all distractions and energy burners. Be sure to fix your strength on getting the project done!

5# Keep the Communication line open

With your clients or team, let everyone receive updates or a progress report, it keeps the energy and awareness level higher. Have an open line of communication with frequent check-ins, even more important if you’re working with subcontractors and/or other providers. Everyone should be working from the same timeline, task list and project information.

6# Your Deadline shouldn’t be their deadline

Give yourself enough time ahead by setting a personal deadline for finishing the project. If you are working with a team let them be aware of this. By setting a personal deadline for you and your team helps against last minute emergencies or even factors outside of your control. Your deadline shouldn’t be the general deadline given or stated.

Meeting a deadline can be stressful and challenging. Sometimes it may even be overwhelming, yet if you can manage a project using the steps above you will always meet your deadlines and reach your goals. However are there factors stopping you from meeting your deadlines and can’t be helped? Please comment.




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