Meet the Insane Invention That Will Make Your 3pm Coffee Pointless [Video]

If you have already exceeded your recommended daily coffee intake but are in desperate need of a wake-up call during the laziest afternoon hours, there’s no need to worry because you no longer need coffee to stay awake at work. This revolutionary wearable device is all you need.

At the relatively high price of $299, this device can help you out by changing the way you feel. It either boosts your mood and energy levels just like a cup of coffee would, or relaxes your muscles to help you sleep. I mean, how cool is this?

Thync, which is currently considered to be the world’s first digital drug, is a unique device that is designed to send different responses to your nervous system to trigger emotions that are helpful when working long hours. Even though this sounds like another futuristic device Google would have created, it’s actually really useful as it allows you to stay productive when you are required to cover a lot of ground at work or even to calm you down.

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Check out this video from The Wall Street Journal to learn about everything you need to know about this extraordinary device and how it actually works!




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