Merging and Separating your Personal and Business Personas

When it comes to business, identifying how to bring together and separate your personal and business personas can be very beneficial. Think of it in regards to networking, personal branding, and marketing - online and offline. If you’re a small business owner, even a CEO of a well-established enterprise will share one thing in common with you and that is; personal and professional business personas.

These personas are not only representative of your company, they are representative of you. No, this article is not going to explore in-depth mind-boggling, psychological hack tricks you can use on unsuspecting clients. What this article will explore is identifying key business personas and how you can benefit from knowing when and how you should bring them together with your personal personas, or put some distance in-between them.

As a business owner, you’re most likely to have a good level of “digital consciousness” and be interactively suave anyway, but you may struggle with juggling your various identities in the business world. Therefore, how can you manage and separate these personas? Well, let’s consider what your main personas should be first of all.

Multiple Faces                                 

Look really hard at your strongest personal and professional attributes. They could be anything from solid client/consumer engagement tactics or the God-given talent of savvy business intuition. Whatever they are, these are your personas and they should include a buyer persona.

This persona best describes your consumer intuition. It serves to shape your marketing capabilities that you use to harness your target market appeal, consumer relations, and instinctively use to gauge what your target market needs from your business and its services.

Then of course, there is your personal persona. You can successfully use your personal persona in the world of business. Sometimes injecting a bit of personality into your day-to-day business interactions is the way to go. Business owners that can effectively fuse their personal persona with their business persona pretty much have this aspect of business all figured out.

Now that the framework of core business and personal personas are out of the way, it’s now time to consider when and how these personas should be used together or separately for business purposes.

Uniting Personalities

The previously mentioned personas complement each other, but they are interchangeable at the same time. According to research, 53% of small businesses have an online presence or website which demonstrates why it’s important to understand where your personas should be showcased. This is where your personas should meet, in the online landscape.

Blogs and any kind of content which is presented to consumers and customers online belong on this stage, along with your personas as well. Online engagement is where you’ll find and cultivate your audience/target market, and you can infuse your personas into this environment rather effectively. By not holding back your personas you and your business are more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t get too bogged down with keeping things on the “business edge” here, just concentrate on marketing yourself and your business as something consumers and clients want a piece of. Let your personas to do the rest.

Keeping Things Separate

Bringing your personas together is just as important as knowing when to keep them apart. Face-to-face business engagements still play a pivotal role in business of course, but this is where you should leave a persona or two at the door. Meeting with perspective clients for example is when you should think about which personas you are going to bring to the table, literally.

Sometimes it’s best to only put forward the business personas that you feel comfortable with. This doesn’t mean you should censor out or fail to develop other productive personal and business personas, but use you own judgement for all of your business interactions. Personas, whichever ones you possess, play a vital role in business. Make sure you play the right ones and know when to play them. Trust me, it counts.

Image credit - Elnur/Shutterstock