Midlife Crisis and Career Burnout – Infographic

If you have hit the milestone of midlife crisis and you need to change careers, you are not alone! The average American changes careers 7 times in their lifetime. This infographic shows some of the reasons, causes, effects and results of a career change when you are middle aged.

Here are the main takeaways

  • Most Americans are not satisfied with their job because they don’t get paid what they are worth.
  • Downsizing or restructuring was identified as the top reason for career change.
  • The average tenure of American workers with their current employer increased from 3.8 years in 1996 to 4.1 years in 2008.
  • 45.8% of physicians said they experienced at least one symptom of serious burnout: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low sense of personal accomplishment.
  • A whopping portion of Americans (aged 50+) are still in the workforce.
  • Over just half (53%) of U.S. companies offer telecommuting options to their employees.

Check out this infographic by to find out what can cause a midlife meltdown, the types of jobs expected to experience growth in the near future, and what Forbes deems the worst colleges degrees you could earn.




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