Mind Over Matter: How to Stay Enthusiastic at Work in 2015

Mind over matter is the utilization of your willpower to assist yourself in overcoming various life issues or problems. Walter Chrysler said, “The real secret of success is enthusiasm.” Using the theory of mind over matter to stay enthusiastic in the workplace takes diligence and effort. However, the rewards are worth the hard work to change your perspective to fit any difficult circumstances. This article will address several steps that you can take to stay more enthusiastic at work in 2015.

Using Mind Over Matter at Work in the New Year

Successfully overcoming problems basically involves several factors—your mind, your willpower and various resources in addition to a good dose of enthusiasm. During this New Year, you can utilize mind over matter to bring more enthusiasm into your job and make the workplace experience better for you, your colleagues and your employer.

 1. Resolve to Be Better

During this time of year, everyone makes a New Year’s resolution. However, so many of us fail at keeping them. However, there are some effective techniques that you can implement into your daily life in order to keep those resolutions and stay more enthusiastic in your outlook at work this year.

2. Find a Goal Buddy  

The second step involves finding a trusted friend or colleague who can become your goal buddy. This person should be extremely trustworthy and reliable. The point is to find someone who will remember to meet up with you and check in to ascertain whether or not your workplace goals are being met. If the situation permits, you may want to also help this person stay accountable for his or her goals.

  • Find a reliable accountability partner from someone already in your social or professional network.
  • Use the free online system for setting goals, building new habits, managing your tasks and staying accountable while being motivated to succeed.

3. Start a New Project

A third way to stay enthusiastic at work is to start a new project. If you have the freedom to choose your own assignment, then more power to you. However, if you need permission from a supervisor first, take the plunge and create some project ideas to run by the manager. Having a new and exciting project to work on is a wonderful way to maintain your enthusiasm at work.

  • Review your current daily job task list to make certain that you are able to effectively fit the new project into your schedule.
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and pick a project that is slightly out of your reach—provided you have the consistent support of your manager. This is a great opportunity for you to achieve personal and professional growth and development.

4. Visualize Your Future

You need to create your own personal mission statement for your professional goals at work for 2015. Creating that statement will help you to visualize your future and stay enthusiastic at work. This step is highly important if you want to keep that enthusiasm going when you experience bad days at work and setbacks to your career. When you have that visualization of your future cemented in your mindset, you will be surprised at how many great things you will be able to accomplish at work.

  • Finalize your mission statement. Print it and place the statement in a photo frame or laminate it. Then place your statement in a prominent place in your office, cubicle or workstation.
  • Create a dream board where you list goals, visions and illustrations of places you want to be in your career. This is a reminder for you to revisit when you face disappointments or setbacks.

Staying enthusiastic in the workplace in 2015 is possible if you follow the simple steps as outlined in this article. The process begins with making a resolution to be better and then finding a goal buddy. It also helps to start a new project which will cultivate enthusiasm for going to work. Finally, visualize your professional future and have fun achieving your goals.

Photo Credit: lifehacker