Mind the Gap: Millennials and Businesses [infographic]

In an attempt to understand how Millennials regard business, Deloitte recently surveyed a group of almost 8, 000 people from 29 different countries. All of the subjects were born after 1982, college educated and in full time employment. Since Millennials will represent the 75% of the workforce in approximately 10 years, their opinion on how business operates and impacts society matters a lot.

This infographic from Deloitte illustrates the results of the survey and what tomorrow’s leaders – Millennials – think of business today. Essentially it focuses on the four ‘Mind the Gap’ areas that identify the gaps that exist between Millennials and businesses including the Intention, Leadership, Impact and Confidence Gap.

Key takeaways:

  • 75% of Millennials believe businesses are more interested in their products and services rather than people and society.
  • Millennials say that they would focus on employee well-being as well as employee growth and development rather than profits and personal rewards.
  • Millennials believe businesses should focus on their purpose – that is making a difference in society, instead of generating profits. 
  • Male Millennials associates leadership with vision and charisma.
  • Female Millennials associates leadership with personality, well-being and social impact.

According to these survey results, business will indeed need to make significant changes to attract and retain the future workforce. Have a look at the infographic to get more information on what Millennials think of the business world today!