Minister Vizjak Attends 101st International Labour Conference

The annual International Labour Conference was held in Geneva from 30 May to 14 June 2012, with a focus on the unprecedented youth employment crisis. The Conference was attended by a Slovene delegation headed by Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Andrej Vizjak, M.S.c.

Minister Vizjak attended plenary session on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 and highlighted the need to stimulate job creation with concrete and innovative solutions for youth’s employability and faster transition on the labour market. 

Minister Vizjak: »Our response to youth unemployment resulted in tailor-made measures, focused on higher employability, renewed scholarship system and above all, improved safety net. By adoption of the new Act on Labour Market Regulation we extended the period, necessary for benefits eligibility, raised the benefits level and introduced the life-long career guidance.«

 12. 6. 2012