Modern Age Marketing – Hard Marketing Truths You Need to Know

Social media and content marketing are two areas that continue to grow at a rapid pace. The modern age of marketing is different to the marketing that existed twenty years ago. You need to cast aside many of these old-fashioned principles if you’re going to succeed today.

Let’s take a look at some of the hard marketing truths you need to know about.

1. Go Deeper than Numbers

Novice marketers tend to focus on nothing but the numbers. They’re concentrating on the number of clicks and the number of comments. Later you begin to understand none of it matters. Unless you’re converting the people reading your blog into avid readers, they’re just figures on a screen. You want passion not numbers.


2. Quality Always

Once upon a time, we lived in a land where quantity was the key. You’d see bloggers posting every other day about whatever rubbish they could come up with. Things have changed. These days readers prefer bloggers who blog once a week as long as it’s a quality post. Ignore quantity and focus on quality instead.


3. Professional Theft

There’s nothing wrong with stealing snippets of conversations or ‘borrowing’ a topic from someone else. If you can’t come up with anything original, search for a trending topic and put your own spin on it. In the event you decide to lift something outright, make sure you give credit back to the original website.

Professional shoplifting is fine as long as you do it in the right way.


4. Social Media is Difficult

Numbers are often the marker used to determine whether someone is running a good social media campaign. Again, these numbers don’t matter and you have to look much deeper than this. Social media is difficult to handle because you need to spend time researching and engaging. Take the time needed to show social media the proper respect it deserves.


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5. You Can’t Interact Everywhere

Marketers previously made a point of displaying a presence on all the four corners of the Internet. The professional marketer of today realises this isn’t necessary and will only serve to dilute your entire campaign. Remember, not everyone cares about what you have to offer. You have a specific audience to target.

Pick the platform that’s right for you and interact on it. You can have just as much success on two platforms as you could on ten platforms. You can’t do everything and time is precious.


6. The Self-Proclaimed Experts Can’t Fool You

There seems to be a magic bullet for marketing every other day these days. Someone who achieved success will try to sell what they did as a viable strategy for success. Understand that these self-proclaimed experts will only tell you what worked for them. You’re never going to replicate their success because you run a different type of business and a different type of operation.

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that they actually understand why they succeeded. You need a tailored strategy for your business and your business alone.


7. Online Marketing is Essential

It’s unbelievable just how many businesses have yet to adapt to the digital world. Practically everyone has access to the Internet through a computer or through a mobile device. More and more people use the Internet exclusively to shop. If you aren’t marketing yourself online, you’re missing out on all these people.

If you don’t know where to start with online marketing, start with browsing some basic guides online. Anyone in any sector can get involved with online marketing and make a success of it. All you have to do is take the initiative!


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