Modern Inventions That Are Much Older Than You Thought

Look around, are you so conceded that you think that all the technology around you was invented in recent years? DO YOU? Well get off your high horse you…you…you dirty era-ist. I know you probably think that up to the 1950’s people dressed in animal furs and hunted turtles with sticks.

What if I told you that the vending machine you ate your lunch out of, and yesterday’s lunch and the day’s before that, “Dude, you eat an orange or something you’re going to end up getting scurvy.” Well they say necessity is the mother of invention, and in ancient Greece the necessity was preventing worshipers from pilfering holy water at the entrance of temples. A humble man with a pompous name, Hero of Alexandria, said: ‘screw these people that want frivolous, free amounts of holiness’ and came up with a water dispenser that gave the dry worshipers holy water when they inserted a coin. Sound familiar? Well? Really, you’re asleep? It’s a vending machine, thank you for your unwavering attention.

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Are there any other inventions that are much older than you thought? Let us know in the comment section below.