Money Saving Tips For London Commuters

Commuting in the UK tops over £35k across the lifetime of a career. Londoners working from 18-retirement age spend even more: an eye watering 66k!

Expenses like this roll up into a colossal rip off. You should have spent most of the money on something more interesting. If only London was cheaper. It’s never too late though. You’ll still commute next week and next year. So, reduce travel costs with a dash of smart money saving tips.

1. Get the Best Deal on Your Oyster Card

Oyster cards are prepaid travel card allowing Londoners to save money paying fares in advance. Over 60 million Oyster cards were issued since the launch in 2003. Around 85% of bus and train journeys are paid with an Oyster.

Snap some savings with an Oyster card. Frequent commuters save more money with a monthly pass instead of a weekly or a weekly pass instead of a daily one. Remember and you’ll build more savings a lot quicker.

Here are a few prices:

- Cash single fare - £2.40  

- Oyster single fare - £1.45 

- Daily unlimited travel - £4.40

- 7 day pass - £20.20 

- Annual pass - £808    


- Cash -  £4.70-12.50    

- Oyster peak single - £2.20-8.90

- Off-peak single - £2.20-6.00 

- Peak price cap - £8.40-21.80

- 7 day - £31.40-81.70

- Annual travel cards - £1256-3268

Prices correct as of Jan 2014- See the bus/tram fares and train/tube fares for specific zone prices.

Savings don’t have to stop there. Oyster card savings can go a little deeper and stretch further.

2. Claim Ticket Refund Vouchers and Save Hundreds

The transport for London charter offers a single fare refund when tubes are delayed at least 15 minutes and over ground trains, 30 minutes. This usually means filling out forms and remembering to submit a claim. The catch: you only have 14 days. Frequent travel results in more claims you might be entitled to. That sounds good until you remember a form needs completing for each one. That’s terrible for commuters with more information to check. takes away all those hassles for you. The software works by connecting to an Oyster online account then checking the journey history. The software sifts through the journey history checking expected arrival times against delayed train information. Next, it alerts you of any entitled refunds and automatically sends a claim.

The site boasts an impressive claimed so far.  

3. Get Refunds for Overcharges From Incomplete Journeys

Like it’s not enough of a good thing, claim my refund also notifies customers of incomplete journeys. Customers can reverse overcharge fees and credit it back onto their Oyster card. All claim my refund services are free until the first claim. Continued use costs £1.99 for a yearly subscription.

4. Spread the Cost of Annual Oyster Card Tickets With Commuters Club

Annual travel cards always work out cheaper than monthly ones. Regular commuters save more money compared to pay as you go travel. It’s good, yes, but the only downside is the lump sum you spend. splits the cost into 11 monthly payments for a 5.6% interest rate. You gain a month of free travel. Cancel anytime without penalty fees attached. Annual travel cards are good value for money, yet there’s always the worry you might lose it and need another one.

London is an amazing city. Besides tourist attractions, there are work opportunities at some great companies in the UK. All of that doesn’t come cheaply. London is also one of the most expensive cities in the UK. Be smart with your money. Always search for the best deals. Small savings all add up in the end.