More than Marketing - it’s Customer Engagement

“Customer Service Delight,” As Jeff Bezos CEO from Amazon puts it is the key to the success of any company. If you can’t get that right you can forget about keeping your client base. The key to marketing is keeping up with the wave of trends that keep hitting our shores. Companies can no longer afford to target a segment. You will have to target the individual. As platforms become cheaper, and cheaper to build-- services will be more affordable at prices we never dreamed of could be possible.

How IBM are making a change…

If you still think targeting a specific segment not an individual will give you more reach by casting the net wider-- think again. A good example of how multinationals are rebranding and rethinking their marketing strategies is IBM. IBM has announced it will introduce Experience One. Experience One is an effort to integrate technologies designed to help marketers better engage with customers across touch points , sometimes referred to as the marketing cloud. According to Kevin Bishop General Manager of Experience One Unit at IBM it is very important to build a product that goes beyond marketing, because it’s about engaging with customers through marketing, sales or service touch points.

What is meant by touch point is automated through mobile services, aiding sales clerk, check-in assistants or shoppers in store. Meaning the design and automation needs to be consistent across the enterprise and the system of each department. In other words they are building customer software that’s more than marketing—it’s customer engagement at its best.

Cloud Technology Benefits a move from segment marketing to personalize marketing

One of the main benefits of Cloud technology is that it has made it possible for small businesses to compete with other companies, and it has brought down the cost of product development significantly; having said that it also has brought new challenges i.e. competing to keep their customer base. Hence, the reason for the shift in current from targeting a segment to targeting an individual. If companies such as Amazon and IBM are creating software that targets individuals not segments it is safe to say there is a trend that must be watch and emulated to a certain extent.

ING Bank change for a more ‘personal touch’

Another good example of offering personal touch to your service is ING bank. ING bank from the Netherlands offers a service where If someone walks up to an ATM machine, puts in a card, goes to take out the money, take their card but forgets to take their money, that creates a trigger event to send an SMS message to tell the person they forgot to take their cash out of the machine. It will immediately swallow back in the money, and your bank account will not be debited. This gives a sense of security to the customer. The customer feels they can count on their bank to give them the best service and keep them safe from dangerous situations.

ING bank has made it their priority to give their customers a feeling of safety and personalized service. If established multinational companies as well as banks feel the need to move from segmented marketing to personalize marketing it is probably a good idea for all companies to start thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to personalize their marketing services and build and keep their customer base.





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