5 Most Diverse International Businesses

We are living in a moment of cultural change. The corporate world is an international market and if companies really want to make a name for themselves, they must expand their reach across the globe. While many international companies are made up of teams of people from across the globe, there are some companies who are just doing diversity a little bit better than most. These businesses are some of the most inclusive in the world and, by varying the members of their teams, are topping the lists for innovation, output and productivity at the same time. Sometimes, it pays to get a wider view on things.

While the term “diversity” tends to be generally defined as inclusion and flexibility in the workplace, the way in which a company might go about being diverse can differ massively and, it turns out, many different things can fall under the inclusive umbrella. Although women’s rights have been at the forefront of business news in recent months, many other minorities face issues that are rarely talked about. These companies might look to including individuals from minority races, multilingual speakers, members of the LGBT community or anyone who has faced adversity in their careers. By sourcing out the finest working minds, regardless of race or background, they are proving that, when it comes to business, competency counts above all else.

1. Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation

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While pharmaceutical companies don’t often make the headlines for the right reasons, there is one major player who is doing just about everything right. Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation was recently announced as the most diverse company in the world, upholding standards for inclusion and variation in the business field. According to the company’s motto the company operates “through the lens of innovation, integrity and inclusion”. By including everyone, the company is definitely one of the most successful companies out there.

While the company is producing some of the most novel and inspired healthcare plans and developments across the world, it is their approach to inclusion that really gives them the edge over their competitors. NPC hires 26 percent more female employees than an average company would. The number of females in upper management positions has also increased significantly, having tripled since 2010. If you’re a female in the pharmaceutical market, NPC is the powerhouse to which you should be looking.

2. Mastercard


One of the world’s major players when it comes to money and finance, Mastercard are also one of the most diverse companies to work for. The company takes diversity and inclusion incredibly seriously and it is perhaps for this reason that it has stayed on top of its game for such a long time. CEO and President, Ajay Banga, has spoken out about the company’s approach to diversity in the working environment, stating that their culture of inclusion “has established [Mastercard] as a global company of empowered employees”. He’s not wrong, either; only last year, Banga accepted the award for Top Company for Inclusive Culture on behalf of the company.

While Mastercard is focused on hiring workers of ethnic diversity, they are also invested in the LGBT community. Their work benefits provide all employees with the same rights in regards to their families, and the company is always an active participant in PRIDE events around the community. They might be in it to win when it comes to business and finance, but in terms of teamwork, Mastercard are as focused as ever at making the workplace a happy workplace for everyone.

3. Johnson & Johnson

Major players in the healthcare world Johnson & Johnson have a no-nonsense approach to diversity in the workplace. The company’s inclusive mindset is filtered down from the very top, thanks to a strong initiative from CEO and Chairman Alex Gorsky. Gorsky is renowned for his approach to inclusion and has even spoken out about the issue on several occasions. In one remark, he stated that “in a world challenged by the growing complexity of diseases, aging populations [...] and rising costs, it is the diversity of our people [...] that enables us to make positive, measurable differences”.

Thanks to their upper management, the company has had diversity schemes in place since the late ‘90s, all dedicated to diversity within its supplier companies. It also pushes inclusion within the workplace, having founded a scheme called Mentoring Works! which links people from different cultural backgrounds with mentors in order to provide support and guidance. Johnson & Johnson is a place where you definitely want to work if you are interested in feeling supported throughout your career.

4. Deloitte

When it comes to diversity in international business, Deloitte is one of the biggest players out there. For the last few decades, the company has founded multiple schemes and projects, proving time and again that it is dedicated to including the best minds from all walks of life in its offices. In 1993, Deloitte launched the first Women’s Initiative, a programme aimed to support and promote women in the workplace and to nurture their careers. Deloitte has also had one of the first female chairs and the very first Hispanic CEO of a major professional corporation, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the company’s efforts to include everyone in the workplace, the company boasts some of the finest minds in business, and continues to draw graduates from all over the world, regardless of their background. The company has never been interested in categorizing its employees based on what makes them different, instead it has always focused on finding what makes individuals tick in the workplace. Employees aren’t segmented according to their background; rather they are regarded as unique and valuable employees.

5. Kaiser Permanente

Healthcare organisations are going strong in the world of international diversity and business

Kaiser Permanente is just further proof of this fact. Offering health care plans and coverage for families across the globe, the business is firmly set on giving the best care to everyone regardless of their background or race. And they don’t just do that with their clients. They follow similar practises within the company. The business fosters an inclusive working environment which encourages all employees to realise their full potential, advance within the company, and receive all of the same company benefits.

The company is one of the most internationally diverse businesses in the world, with its members and employees speaking over 150 languages between them. Kaiser Permanente’s approach to cultural diversity has enabled the company to reach families and individuals all over the world and from all walks of life, providing some of the best care out there. Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson continues to uphold the company’s traditions, stating that “Kaiser Permanente has been a champion of cultural diversity since [it] was founded 70 years ago”. From its very first move in business, right up until the present, the company has been all about inclusion for all, and affordability for everyone.

Diversity in the workplace is one of the biggest issues a company might face and, while many would argue that things are improving, it is undeniably an area which deserves continuous attention. By actively seeking members from lesser privileged communities, these companies are opening themselves up to rapid change and development in the years to come. When it comes to business, the only thing that matters is a person’s ability to do their job well. Fostering an inclusive and caring working community, these companies are throwing race and gender titles out of the window and focusing on what really matters: Getting the job done.

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