Most Outrageous Employee Excuses

It can be really miserable, waking up on a cold dark morning with the reality of having to go to work (or as you see it, hell!). Sometimes it is simply impossible to drag ourselves out of bed and into the office for a full day of dreary, mundane tasks and irritating nagging from the boss. Everyone has been there. Everyone has called in sick at some point in their careers. However, not everyone has taken their excuse for avoiding work quite as far as others!

We conducted some research to find the most outrageous employee excuses for not turning up to work, and some really will amaze you!

Check out the most outrageous excuses some employees have used to avoid work!

#1 Employee said her cat had hiccups

#2 Employee thought she has won the lottery (she hadn’t)

#3 Employee got upset after watching “The Hunger Games”

#4 Employee said bats got in her hair

#5 Employee said a deer bit him

#6 Employee caught a cold from his dog

#7 Employee was suffering from a broken heart

#8 Employee claimed to have delivered a stranger’s baby on the subway

#9 Employee admitted to eating too much at a party so couldn’t make it in to work

#10 Employee’s car wouldn’t start because he was “over the limit”

#11 Employee stopped to help an old lady chop down a tree on his way to work

#12 Employee called in to say a bird crapped on her head

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#13 Employee hurt his shoulder having sex the previous night

#14 Employee told his boss he was kidnapped by a dragon (boss suspected he was on drugs)

#15 Employee was on route to hospital to give birth (she hadn’t realised she was pregnant!)

Wow. Some of these excuses really are shocking. Did these employees genuinely believe they would get away with it? Well, the best advice I can give you, is to always be honest. It only takes that one time for you to call in sick, and then get caught by your line manager sitting in Starbucks sipping on a hot chocolate with a friend of yours. Fired.

If you are really unhappy at work, you need to keep pushing to find a new job. It is the worst feeling in the world when you wake up with an immediate dread and sinking of the stomach. No-one should have to experience this for long in life. If however you are just lazy and fancy a day in bed, then at the very least, avoid the excuses listed above. Trust me, they will get you nowhere!




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