Most Overrated Jobs in the US 2015

Most of us, have sat in a cramped dorm room, tiny college rental, or (the unluckier amongst us) in our parents’ basement, imagining our bright future as young professionals. Most of our career fantasies involve airy office spaces, huge New York (or Californian) apartments, economic independence and tailored business casual clothing. Then reality rears its ugly little head, with a deviant smile on its face and slams us into reality like a bemuscled professional wrestler. The fantasy evaporates faster than rubbing alcohol during August (what? I was a curious kid, with a great availability of rubbing alcohol).

Well, the bubble isn’t going to burst itself so, if you are imagining yourself in one of these jobs (in the list below, stop looking around, dummy), I hate to break it to you, but they’re kind of overrated.

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Advertising Executive

Everybody loves Mad Men, even though it’s suspiciously (see: overtly) sexist and full of alcohol and smoking. Hate to break it to you bud, but you are no Don Draper and closest thing you’ll come to Christina Hendricks, is that photo-shopped picture of you, embracing the voluptuous star you have as your phone’s background. Well, the reality is far from the art deco conference rooms, where a crew of sharply dressed, dapper dons is sipping scotch from tumblers. The advertisement industry is a vicious, competitive industry with more facets and sub-categories than a royal’s family tree. You need to keep up with the latest in online/social media trends, run statistical analysis on audiences, target markets and trends…basically, it involves a lot less scotch drinking and a lot more math.


You saw To Kill A Mockingbird and have since imagined yourself, helping underprivileged people to get justice. Well, if that’s why you wanted to get into law, go for it, we need more lawyers like that. But if you watched Boston Legal and imagined yourself as an unscrupulous, highly paid lawyer in a Boston sky rise, smoking cigars and drinking scotch (what is it with scotch and overrated jobs?), you might be up for a rude awakening. First, you will have to dedicate years and years of your life to education (which also happens to be the field of study that has the highest dropout rates), which is fine if you are going to make a big paycheck, right? Sure, but first you have to pass the bar exam which allows you to practice law (which only 75% of law students manage to do) and then you will have to go through lawyer boot camp, called a clerkship, in which you are expected to work long hours and get paid close to nothing. If you survive those gauntlets, you will find yourself in one of the most infamously ruthless and cutthroat industries in the world. Have fun and try not to choke on your tears while drinking your scotch.


You loved LEGO as a child and you preferred to draw playgrounds, instead of playing outside in them. So, what can a weirdo like you, do to leave a mark on the world? Well, you should be an architect! Sure, if you want to deal with rich over-entitled clients, city ordinances and stubborn contractors. Even though it seems like a creative dream, the reality is, being an architect is a red-tape nightmare.


Is there an overrated job you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.