Most Popular Skills on LinkedIn

skills infographic

One might think that as we live in a world that’s characterised by innovation and technology, people would have developed a range of technical skills in order to be able to keep up with the demands of such the new technology. Quite surprisingly, this infographic from LinkedIn’s blog shows that the most popular skills added by users to LinkedIn today have little or nothing to do with technical ability or computer skills. On the contrary, it is non-IT skills that relate to health care, administration, hospitality, retail and education are regarded as “skills on the rise”!

So you might ask why is this information useful? Well, this infographic can help you gain an insight into the skills trends on LinkedIn as it allows you to check which industries have become more popular across the globe over the last year. As a jobseeker you can find out more information in regards to what kind of skills are in demand within each country as well as which industries are amongst the top around the world! For example, if you are interested in retail and manufacturing you should know that these two industries are some of the top in China, or if you want to work in healthcare, France, Italy and Canada might be the ideal countries for you to work!

In fact, the top non-IT skills that scored the highest popularity ranking on LinkedIn this year, show a major increase in skills relating to Healthcare including direct patient care, lab skills, electrocardiography and intravenous therapy.

So if you are interested, check the infographic above to get more information on skills trends and have a look at the top industry lists of each country! Also, if you want to increase your chances of landing your dream job, don’t forget to add your own job-specific skills on your LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, here’s some food for thought: Have you considered the possibility that this infographic confirms there is a huge skills gap that needs to be bridged in order for technical positions in the field of Engineering, IT or Computer Science to be filled? Comments below, please.