How to Motivate Without Micromanaging

Hayley Williams Paramore

In an attempt to enhance the performance of their team members, many managers decide to micromanage them. However, if you are always telling people what to do, when to do it and how to do it, you deny them the opportunity to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Your team members will feel controlled and powerless, and some could even begin doubting their competence. As a result, they are likely to withdraw and become disengaged.

Here are some of the ways you can motivate your team members without micromanaging:

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1. Make your expectations clear

When you fail to clearly articulate your expectations, you might find yourself micromanaging your team members. Therefore, as often as possible, you need to make your expectations clear to everyone. For instance, if you are leading a sales team, everyone should know what their target for the week is. This can be done either through emails or short briefings. Allow the team members to ask questions if they need anything clarified. In addition, you should evaluate your employees regularly and give personal feedback to each.

2. Hire the right people

If you hire someone who is not competent in their work, you might have to micromanage them in order to get the results you desire. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, be sure to hire the right people. When screening potential employees, you need to gauge their ability to work without supervision. In addition, make sure they have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job at hand. It would also be advisable to get in touch with their references and ask questions regarding their competence.

3. Offer regular training

Quite often, employees fail to perform well in their work due lacking the necessary skills. In such situations, you might have to micromanage them to ensure that the work is done satisfactorily. To avoid this, it would be advisable to carry out regular training to empower your staff. Make sure they are up to date with the latest developments in technology. This will motivate them and greatly enhance their performance.

4. Allow employees to make decisions

One of the best ways of motivating your employees is by giving them the power to make decisions. This way, they are more likely to ‘own’ their work and become more productive. For example, when beginning a new project, you could meet your team members and ask them to make suggestions about how it should be done. When you implement some of their ideas, they will feel motivated and won’t need to be micromanaged.

5. Encourage inter-person accountability

Another great way of motivating your employees without micromanaging them is by making people accountable to each other. For example, you can carry out regular surveys where employees are required to give anonymous feedback on the performance of their colleagues, as well as other departments. This culture of accountability is likely to enhance productivity.

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Most people don’t work well when their boss is constantly looking over their shoulder. Therefore, it would be advisable to let go of your micromanaging tendencies before you lose your valuable employees.