How to Move to Cyprus for Work

How to Move to Cyprus for Work

So you’re craving some warm weather, never-ending days of sunshine, delicious food and beautiful beaches. But what other advantages does moving to Cyprus bring to the aspiring expat? What are the employment prospects like? What are the disadvantages? View our handy guide to the pros and cons of Cyprus life below:

The implications of moving to Cyprus for employment

Many people move overseas in search of better employment prospects, the opportunity to earn more money and the chance to escape from the daily grind of life. However if considering a move to Cyprus, it is essential to bear in mind that although there are countless opportunities to make a great deal of money, there are also more chances to end up in a dead-end job with little or no employment prospects and a terrible wage packet.

If you are an EU citizen or have obtained a visa to live and work in Cyprus, then you can begin your first step towards moving to Cyprus. Begin your job search before relocating so that you can speed up the process before arriving in Cyprus. Sign up to recruitment agencies and websites, join Cypriot pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and network as much as possible.

Things to consider

In the workplace

There are limited rights in the Cypriot workplace and in many cases there is no such thing as a HR department. In some instances, what is stated within your contract is merely a cover up therefore understanding your rights is vital before accepting a job.

The Cyprus weather

Summers are incredibly hot, often soaring to as high as 50℃ in some parts of the island. And with evening temperatures rarely dropping below 30℃, if you are not a fan of never-ending days of heat, avoid Cyprus at your peril.

In addition, earthquakes are fairly common, though they are not likely to reach devastating heights on the Richter scale.

The Cypriot culture

Cypriot people are incredibly hospitable and love to invite people into their homes for an afternoon of great food and fabulous company. However they can also be incredibly stubborn in the face of an argument, and if you get on the wrong side of someone, particularly during your early days of relocation, it can result in a nasty situation. Approach Cypriot people with gentle reserve until you are able to gauge the true characteristics of an individual.

The roads!

Like many Mediterranean countries the situation on the Cyprus roads remains a dire one, with road accidents occurring on a far too common basis. Cypriot drivers are incredibly stubborn, often failing to indicate, drifting from one lane to another without checking their mirrors and generally driving as if they are doing so with their eyes closed.

Unfortunately this is no laughing matter and it can take some time to adjust to their roadside habits. Drive with extreme caution and anticipate the worst so that you are fully prepared whilst on the road. Your safety whilst driving is of utmost importance.