How to Move up in the Ranks

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According to Stephenie Overman in her CNN Money article, “more than a third of American workers suffer from chronic work stress.” This stress can lead to career stagnation. It may cause people to seek ways to counteract that situation and move up in the ranks at work.

The following are reasons why you won’t get promoted at work:

  1. Exhibiting a bad work ethic and an unprofessional demeanour
  2. Having an entitlement attitude that a task is beneath you
  3. Having a know-it-all attitude and never being teachable
  4. Constantly complaining and never offering positive solutions
  5. Having a superior attitude and taking credit for work you didn’t do

According to Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, a career coach in Portland, Oregon: “the key to moving up is demonstrating that you can perform at the next level. You should be clamoring to be given work from the levels above you. Ask for ’extra’ work from someone who is overburdened or ask to fill in for them when they go on vacation.” (Source: Fortune.CNN)

The following steps are ways that you can move up in the ranks at your job:

# 1 Exhibit a Diligent Work Performance

When you’re hired for a job, your position usually comes with a job description. This may be written or verbally communicated to you. If you want to move up in the ranks at your job, make sure that you are valuable to your employer. The main step is to perform your tasks to the best of your ability. Show diligence by arriving to work early. Don’t be a clock watcher, waiting for your next break. Work diligently until the end of the day. Don’t leave early. Your employer is investing in your work and will expect a return on the investment in the form of excellent work performance.

# 2 Have a Desire to Learn New Skills

Anyone can show up to work. However, someone who wants to move up in the ranks and earn a promotion will have a desire to learn new skills. For example, if you’re an administrative assistant and want to further develop your computer and word processing skills, Worldwide Learn offers various online courses where professionals can receive training. Discuss your goals with your manager, boss or HR Department. Let it be known that you are eager to expand your skillset and would like to be mentored. Ask for more projects that will assist in developing your skills and grow you as a professional.

# 3 Maintain a Professional Demeanour

It’s been said that you should dress for the job you want not the job you have. Not everyone has the money to dress in designer clothing. That’s not at issue here. You can still maintain a professional appearance by dressing in more affordable attire suited for the work environment. Unless you work for company with a casual dress code, don’t wear jeans and t-shirts to the office. This sounds like common sense, but make sure to be well groomed as well. Be professional in your attitude. Don’t speak to clients like you’d speak to your friends. If you’re having a bad day, try your best to separate your feelings from the work environment and fulfill your tasks for the day.

# 4 Work Well with Others in a Team

Not everyone is a team player. However, those who are have a greater chance of moving up in rank at work. Team players know how to deal well with others. They have good people skills. These people can work together with others in order to complete a project for the betterment of the company. Management is looking for team players to advance in the company. Marty Brounstein from Management for Dummies gives a list of Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player. Two of the qualities from his list that stand out to me are: communicating constructively and functions as an active participant.

# 5 Be Creative & Think Outside the Box

If you go to work every day, do your job and have a good work ethic you still might not advance as readily in the ranks as someone who has learned how to think outside the box. The employee, who can creatively come up with solutions for neglected areas in the company, shows promise to the management. They want “problem solvers” in the upper echelons of the company. Tap into your creative side and think outside the box. You may be able to find an idea for a new or expanded position for yourself in the company.

The people who work hard, are diligent, and think creatively have a greater chance of succeeding in the workplace and receiving promotions. Learn to tap into your creative side. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Continually add value to your position at work. Soon enough you will catch the eye of someone in management and receive the opportunity to move up in the ranks.

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