NASA’s Paying Big Money for the Easiest Job in the World!

What would you say if someone offers you more than £3,000 just for lying in bed for 70 days? Well, think of this proposal seriously because it is real! NASA is recruiting volunteers as part of on-going research that aims to examine the effects of microgravity on the human body during spaceflight. And let's face it, the reward for those taking part in the experiment is something not to be ignored! Most poeple would quite happily pariticpate in a NASA research programme for free, so the money is definitely a huge bonus for participants.  

What's the catch?

Apparently, there isn't one! All participants have to do is spend two weeks at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and engage in everyday activities, in order for scientists to monitor the body in normal conditions, then spend 70 extra days in an artificial environment.  You’ll be lying in a tilted bed where you will have light for 16 hours and darkness for eight hours a day. But don’t think that you will be disconnected from the virtual or online world. This is not Big Brother! You will be allowed to watch TV, play computer games, access the internet and read books. Visits from friends or relatives is also acceptable.  You can even have a shower while you are in bed. After the 70 days are over, a 14 days rehabilitation period follows in order to get your body back into shape.

This job is definitely not for hyperactive people, but even if you are active, there are many incentives to join the experiment. You may want to contribute to future space exploration or make big money, fast.  It’s also a great opportunity to enrich your resume and expand your career prospects by demonstrating that you have been hired by NASA as a volunteer.

Is this the job you have always dreamed of? Eager to work for NASA? If yes, be quick and send an application here



*Photo © NASA