Need a Sideline? 10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

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Let’s face it. Most of us can do with some extra cash. For the average person, there’s just too much month left at the end of their salary.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering how to cover all your bills, it’s time to do some ‘out the box thinking’. Money is out there for taking if you want it. Most people think it is hard to come by, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to make a few extra bucks.

Here are some ideas to stretch your thinking and help you find a lucrative little sideline.

1.  Sell goods online

Amazon and eBay helped popularise online shopping and are still great platforms to sell almost anything. It’s a great source of additional income. Some people have made such a huge success selling goods online that they quit their daytime jobs to run their online shops full-time.

Several other online shops have sprung up like Etsy which focuses on arts, crafts and handmade items. Threadflip and Twice sell clothing. Even Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon with Shopify.

2.  Blogging and freelance writing

If you love writing and want to make some money using your skill, this could be a nice sideline.

Freelance writing involves anything from press releases, magazine articles, advertising and marketing copywriting, academic writing, white papers, web content, blog articles, and much more.

Bloggers focus solely on blog content – either for their own blog or writing for other blogs that pay for articles. Some blogs started out as a hobby, gained a large following and started making the blogger money.

Monetising a blog can be done in the following ways:

  • Google AdSense pays websites a nominal amount for every ad placed on the website that receives a click through (called PPC – Pay Per Click).
  • Affliate Marketing is when a company offers people (usually via its website) who sign up to their affiliate programme a commission for marketing their products, and driving leads and sales to their website.
  • Selling books, courses and other products you create to the blog’s readers and subscribers.
  • Blogs with high traffic can attract advertisers who will pay the blog owner to advertise on their site.

All of this equates to passive income – money rolling into the bank for not doing very much. Of course, the blogger needs to put in the effort to keep high quality content flowing on the site so that it continues to attract readers, subscribers and advertisers.

3.  Sell arts and crafts or homemade eats

Have a creative bent and love painting, making jewellery, clothing or crafts? Enjoy canning, making jams and preserves or any other homemade foods? You could have a goldmine in your hands.

Sell your products at markets or approach craft shops or delis and food shops. But don’t stop there. Think bigger. Pitch to some big retail stores to see if you can get your product line onto their shelves. There is a growing demand among consumers for handmade and artisanal products and many large chain stores are introducing handmade, organic or artisanal products.

4.  House-, pet- and baby-sitting

If you are single and have no kids or pets of your own, then house-, pet- or baby-sitting is one of the easiest ways to make money. Be responsible – look after the house, keep it tidy, feed the animals, and walk the dogs. That’s it. The rest of the time you can do whatever you want, and you are getting paid for it!

Baby-sitting is a bit more demanding, but is usually just a few hours at night or over a weekend.

5.  Dog-walking

If spending days or weeks at someone else’s house doesn’t take your fancy, then offer a dog-walking service. There are many busy working people with an equally busy social life who don’t have time to take Fido for a walk. Perhaps nobody else in your area is doing this which means there’s a gap in the market. All you need are a few regular clients and there’s extra money in your pocket every month – easy as that!

job search
job search

6.  Tutoring

Are you a teacher or brainiac in a particular subject? Offer tutoring. Many parents would pay someone to help their kids in subjects they struggle with. You can do this from home or travel to the client’s home.

7.  Moonlighting in your field

Are you a graphic designer, web designer, auto mechanic, handyman, in IT, or a tech whizz? These are just some jobs that can extend beyond the 9-5 and make you some money on the side by doing some work in the evenings and weekends.

8.  Typing and transcribing

Most executive assistants, secretaries or administrators do not think they can make a business out of their skills. However, fast typing and transcription skills can be put to use outside the office.

Lawyers, doctors, writers, professors and students doing their master’s or PhD degrees often need interviews or meetings transcribed or lengthy documents typed.

9.  Direct selling

We’ve all worked with someone who circulated the latest Avon, Mary Kay or Tupperware catalogue. These companies operate on the direct selling model – using representatives to sell products that you will not find in retail shops. Yep, good ole Avon and Tupperware – still a money-spinner today!

However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sales, building teams, hosting product parties and doing demonstrations are better suited to those with a more extroverted personality. If you fit the bill, you may find yourself enjoying it – after all, those Tupperware parties can be a hoot sometimes!

10.  Market your invention

If you’re one of those rare people with a knack for finding innovative solutions to everyday problems, give some serious thought to marketing and patenting your invention. Everything we use today was invented by someone.

This is certainly not the easiest route to extra money as selling your idea will require some hard work and determination. Friends and family are sure to occasionally roll their eyes at your perceived madness. Sure, it may not work. But what if someone buys into your idea and puts money behind it? Or you package and sell it yourself and suddenly find yourself struggling to keep up with the demand? Boom – pretty soon your sideline may become a full-time business that sees you laughing all the way to the bank!

We hope we got your creative juices flowing on possible moneymaking ideas to make 2015 a better year for you financially. Please feel free to share some more ideas in the comments below!