Networking Tips for Full-Time Bloggers

Sharing your posts on social networks is a useful way for bloggers to market their posts, but it’s not enough. In order to truly scale a blog, bloggers need to diligently network with other bloggers. Doing this does not only help them reach a wider audience but also create an indestructible support system.

With all this being said, start seeking out other bloggers and interacting with them today. Not sure where to start? Here are four suggestions to get the ball rolling. 

1. Giving other bloggers feedback

If you enjoyed reading another blogger’s post, leave an encouraging comment. “Like” their Facebook status that’s promoting it. Ask them questions about it. If you become more acquainted with them as time goes on, drop in every so often and ask them how they’re doing.

These interactions, though seemingly small, will remind them that you support them. Showing support can be the best way to establish a relationship with someone in the field. Often times, bloggers will return the favour, as many of them want to network and build onto their support system as well.

2. Hosting networking events

Though commenting on other bloggers’ posts and social media posts will help you build a relationship with them, it can be even more helpful to start regular networking events for the community over Skype or, if possible, in person. This will establish you as an active leader in the community who can bring people together, which can highlight your competence.

This will give value to other bloggers because many of them are interested in networking opportunities. By hosting such events, you’ll be responding to their needs, which then creates value for you because you’ll be seen as an initiator and strong community member. 

3. Starting e-mail conversations with other bloggers

If there’s one networking muscle bloggers should get used to strengthening, it’s the act of keeping in touch with other bloggers. One way to do this is by starting e-mail discussions sharing something they might like. If you find resources you think they might be interested in, for instance, send them an e-mail and let them know about it. Or if you know a blogger who writes about computer science, contact them and say something like this:

“Hey there! I saw this computer science article today and I thought of you. What do you think about it?”

Reaching out to other bloggers about things that interest them will let them know that you’re interested in keeping a relationship with them.

4. Promoting other bloggers – and letting them know about it!

There are several types of posts you can do to promote other blogs, like “Top 5 Blogs of the Week” or “5 Posts from Other Blogs You Should Read.” Doing these types of posts will give you an incentive to continually seek out bloggers you want to connect with.

Once you’ve chosen the bloggers you want to promote, e-mail them and let them know you’ve mentioned them on your blog. This will create a first positive interaction with them, which can lead to further interactions in the future.     

You may want to try some of these suggestions or all of them – it really depends on what works for you. As long as you’re taking measures to establish relationships with other bloggers, your blogging business will continue to grow. 

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