New Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes Show?! Yes, please

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Incest and excessive use of force? No, I’m not talking about some moonshine fuelled back-woods story of romance between first cousins, but one of the most viewed shows on TV today. Game of Thrones. With a viewership of 20 million couch-dwellers, this show that features sex, swordplay and betrayal has left its audience jonesing for more…well sex and swordplay. If you are getting the shakes because you haven’t heard the ‘da dum dada dum da’ of the intro in a few months, worry not as Lord HBO is a merciful lord. Just to keep us from the sick of John Snow withdrawals, HBO has recently announced that on February 8 it will release a GOT special called “a Day in the Life”.

What is this thing you speak of squire?


Image source: gottawatchit

Well there is wide spread fan-boy speculation as to what the special will entail, but honestly it’s called: “A Day in the Life.” If it’s anything more than a behind the scenes special, the title writer should be fired. There is a 38 second teaser to watch, but it also indicates that it will be a documentary based on the filming.

I have no problem with this what-so-ever. Most fans want to know what goes into making their favorite franchise, see the obstacles, the camaraderie between the crew and actors and the scale of production. Also, how many opportunities would you get to see Hodor actually saying more than just ‘Hodor’ (for the uninitiated, Hodor is a girthy, tall, mountainous man that carries a child on his back and only says “Hodor”. It’s really not as weird as it sounds if you watch the series. No, actually it is still pretty weird).

Furthermore, it should also be exciting to see the creative aspect of the series, the rewritings, the direction and our favorite actors acting like spoiled Hollywood divas. Actually, I’m pretty sure that footage would be left on the editing floor, but one can only hope. I’m sure all Lannisters are complete tools (sidebar: the Lannisters are the villains of the show, thusly, I’m sure that all the actors that portray said villains are the same as their characters in real life. Isn’t that how every actor is? Wasn’t Lindsey Lohan a coke-sniffing train wreck in Herbie the Love bug? Look, isn’t this the scene she buys yea-yo from that Colombian narco-trafficker?)  

Winter is Coming to 200 IMAXs

If that is still not enough for you and you happen to find yourself west of the Pond, you could catch a dose of GOT as soon as the 29 of January. For anyone that’s a little geographically and colloquially impaired, let me explain very slowly and in easy terms what I meant. If you are in ‘Merica, then you can watch the ‘Hodor’ show (that character really ‘speaks’ to you huh? You’ve always associated with him, right?) in three days. You know, after three beddie-byes.

So in three short days and at 200 locations you will be able to see the two last episodes of last season on the biggest available screens in the world. Just the sheer scale should keep you going for a few more months. Also, although I shouldn’t even have to say this, if you are not caught up, do not go as these last two episodes contain spoilers.

What do you think the GOT special will cover and what would you like to see from behind the scenes? Let us know in the comments below.