New Phone App Helps Winners Cash in Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

Last year, a whopping $2.04 billion in lotto winnings went unclaimed, with winning lottery tickets remaining in desk drawers or stashed under refrigerator magnets. The majority of these prizes are small numbers, like $2 or $4, but some are also secondary prizes worth around $1 million. This fact was the driving force behind Brett Jacobson’s move to create a free smart phone app that alerts people when they win a lottery ticket.

This guy and a group of friends collected several old lottery tickets and took them to a nearby convenience store to check if they had any winners. They realised they had roughly $200 in winning tickets. However, $51 of that had already expired.

The Lotto app, came as an ideal solution to this problem, allowing lottery players to take a picture of their tickets in order to record their numbers. If the lottery has already taken place, it’ll let them know if they have won any prize. If the drawing hasn’t happened yet, the app will send an alert if it’s a winner.

The app informs people where they can buy tickets, and can also alert them when jackpots reach a level at which they’ll want to buy a ticket.

Jacobson’s idea does not only benefit users, but also retailers who also “benefit when the apps’ users find out about a winning ticket”.  According to the app creator ”The retailers and even the state lotteries want people to cash in secondary prizes," said Jacobson. "You’re not going to take $4 and go home. You going to buy more tickets."

With this inventive app you will never have a winning lottery ticket go unclaimed or doubt when to buy and where to collect it. Watch this video to find out more interesting facts


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