Newly Released iPhone 5S Vs BlackBerry Z10 - Which One Will Win Over Business People?

Newly Released iPhone 5S Vs BlackBerry Z10 - Which One Will Win Over Business People?

The time every Apple fan was been waiting for has come at last! The new iPhone was finally released and as it was expected, excited British and American customers queued (some with tents!) until stores opened 8am local time. Australian Apple aficionados were the first to celebrate the purchase of the brand-new handset.

The reason why the new iPhone is in the centre of attention relates greatly to its new revolutionary features that gives Apple a competitive advantage in the market. Take for instance the new iPhone’s processor, which is said to be twice as fast as its predecessor, and the new fingerprint scanner used for identification.

Well, while the focus is currently placed on Apple’s new gadget and iOS 7 (its new operation system), we should not forget that Apple still has to compete with other smart-phone manufacturers such as Blackberry, especially when it comes to winning over the demanding market segment that is business consumers. Undoubtedly, the new BlackBerry Z10 will provide strong competition against the new i-Phone 5S and 5C and industry experts believe it will have a good chance of taking a large share in the market.

Which one is best for business people?

Well, this is a complicated question and very subjective, so it’s up to you to decide, but here are some of my thoughts on the subject…

To begin with, both phones have dual-core processors, though BlackBerry has an impressive 2GB RAM while the i-Phone has 1GB. The BlackBerry Z10 runs BlackBerry 10, an intuitive system which uses a lot of swiping rather than button presses. Apple’s iOS 7 on the other hand, involves double-pressing the Home button first to view running apps. Then tap and hold to switch to ‘wiggle mode’ where apps can be closed.

The new iPhone provides for the needs of every efficient employee. Its MicroStrategy Mobile App enables you to access, annotate and share business data. With OmniFocus for iPhone you can sync tasks on your device with voice notes and image capture. What’s more, you do not need a physical conference room to conduct or attend a meeting, just do it remotely! With Cisco WebEx meetings, you can schedule, attend, and initiate online WebEx meetings while the FaceTime app lets you connect face to face with colleagues and clients right from your smartphone.

BlackBerry on the other hand, features Balance, which sets your home and work life apart so you can keep work emails separate from personal messages for instance. Moreover, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app saw a significant upgrade in BlackBerry 10. You can now use BBM in BlackBerry 10 for video calls, in addition to voice and text chats, over Wi-Fi and 4G cellular networks. BBM in BlackBerry 10 also lets you share your device's screen with video-chat participants, so you could initiate a video chat with a colleague to show them a presentation or chat with a long-distance friend while showing them pictures of your recent travels. Additionally, BBM will soon be available to iPhone and Android which is expected to boost Blackberry Z10 sales.

The battle of which smartphone will win the trust of employees and business people is a close call. The already launched BlackBerry Z10 will definitely hold its own against its new antagonist. In the meantime, I am very curious to see which phone will prevail in the workplace and why. What are your predictions? Please comment.