Nine to Five not Eight to Ten

Overtime is something that is unavoidable. However, if you find yourself constantly stuck in the office, early mornings, late nights, it’s time for a change. Over working yourself will not only affect you on a personal level, but you’ll find that the quality of your work is decreasing. Just because you’re staying the hours, doesn’t always mean you’re getting anything done. Stress, tiredness and overworking will encourage lethargy and demotivation, which will affect all aspects of your life.

Though it may seem like you are unable to escape the clutches of overtime, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to do so. So, how exactly, do you do this? When there’s so much work to do, how do you manage to fit everything in during nine to five? Here are some steps you can take to help towards a less stressed and tired and more productive and efficient, you!

Step One

When you first come in, take at least 20 to 30 minutes just to clear your head and prioritize your daily tasks. Ask yourself what is urgent and what can wait, and then list your tasks accordingly. Then organise your week, buy a calendar and write when you are going to take on each task. Good organisation is the key to a successful and stress free work and personal life.

Step Two

Look over your list of tasks and choose three that you aim to complete that day.

Step Three

Are there any tasks you can delegate or ask for more time on? If you have too much to focus on, your quality of work will suffer and you may not even end up getting it done. It’s best to be honest and admit that you may need more time.

Step Four

We all need an occasional five minutes out, but don’t waste time on social media websites!

Step Five

Make note of when you are most productive, maybe you’re a morning person, or maybe you get your best work done after lunch, and make most of this time!

Step Six

Don’t put boring tasks off, however, if you’ve been doing endless hours of emails, add a bit of variety to your work and do something else. Come back to the emails after an hour or so of doing other work, and you’ll find yourself the mundane task easier to deal with.

Though it’s difficult to take the time out to carry out these steps, doing so will really help you cut down your hours and ultimately, lead to a more productive you.